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Precious Memories

"Because you are precious in My sight, You are honored and I love you." -Isaiah 43:4a

I love taking pictures, a trait I learned from my grandmother. From the time I was fourteen and had my first camera, I've been taking pictures. After my kids were born there was no hope for me, I was lost in a world of picture taking. Why? Because I love capturing moments that I’ll never get again but can hold onto forever. Today my teenagers despise having their pictures being taken, unless it's for school, so I treasure every moment I capture, and when you look around my home, you can see many of those moments.

Some might question the reason that people frame pictures of people, places, or events that are in the past. Aren’t we supposed to live in today? It got me thinking. How can we value those things of nostalgia, for today and tomorrow, and not be mired in the “yesterdays” of life?

In the Bible we can find the answers, alters or stones. Many times, we read in the Old Testament that a memorial has been left behind after some big event or miracle so anyone who passes by will remember (Joshua 22).

More specifically in Joshua 4:1-7, God instructs Joshua, after crossing the Jordan on dry land, to have 12 men, one from each tribe, carry 12 rocks from the river to the camp and build a memorial so future generations will know this is where God stopped the water to cross dry land.

It is good to have reminders of our past, where God has led us, and that His faithfulness continues to lead us, and we can follow Him into the future with full confidence.

Yes, mine are mostly pictures of my family but they are a reminder that God has been good to me and has blessed me with children who are healthy, well rounded kids. Everything He has done for us has made it possible for us to go to the places we have gone and to do the things that we do, and because He takes care of all of our needs, we can trust Him.

Our “stones” are our memories; they can help us know where we’ve come from and what God has done for us. They are our building blocks that can help shape our today and tomorrow. What are your precious memories?

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