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Prepare for Battle

Proverbs 21:31 “You can get the horses ready for battle, but it is the Lord who gives the victory.”

Do you know the two things Kentucky is best known for? Kentucky bluegrass and their abundance of winning thoroughbred racehorses. The bluegrass cannot be found anywhere else in such abundance on earth. What makes the grass so special is a type of limestone that lies just the right distance under the ground that releases vital minerals and soils continuously.

Because of this rich soil plants and grass grow with the right combination of minerals making it ideal for horses. This is where Kentucky becomes well known for their racehorses. When a colt starts its life eating the bluegrass it gets exactly what it needs for strong light bones ideal for racing. So, if you want a good racehorse, you raise them eating the Kentucky bluegrass. In doing so these horses get exactly what they need to win the race of their lives.

How about an Alaskan bull moose? In the fall season the males battle for dominance. Also, they have to go head-to-head using their antlers as their weapons. In this battle the antlers often break and defeat usually follows.

Triumph comes to the moose with the most bulk and strongest antlers. The battle isn't won in the fall, it begins in the summer. This is the time the moose does the most eating. The more it consumes good food the stronger its antlers become and when a moose eats well it becomes the heavyweight winner for the fall battle. It is the inadequate eaters that have the weaker antlers and body, ultimately leading to defeat.

These two animals can teach us a very valuable spiritual lesson. We will all face battles, trials, difficulties, and the biggest battle is still on its way, and we must be prepared. The faith, strength, and wisdom we need for these trials won't happen overnight. It can only come by spending time with Jesus. It is during the times of good and calm we need to dive into God's word preparing ourselves for the battles to come.

Through prayer and putting God's word in our hearts, when trouble comes, we will already be tuned to our Father's voice and learn His battle plan. When we bulk up with Jesus, we can always be guaranteed the win. Maybe not today or tomorrow but the battle will be won one at a time and they will be over on the day of salvation.

Are you taking time each day with Jesus preparing for the battles to come? Start with prayer and a simple verse each day and allow Jesus into your heart helping you grow stronger with Him. With each battle, trial or circumstance always remember, God's got this, and face it with full assurance of the win.

Well we have come to our last study in 1 Peter. I hope you have been blessed if you have been able to join me in the studies and that the Holy Spirit has shown you some new insights into God's word. Each day we take time to dig deeper in scripture we are allowing our hearts to not only grow in Jesus but we become prepared for whatever the world throws at us with an assurance that God is in control and He's got us in His hands. The Bible is a wonderful way to find hope, encouragement and so much more and all we need to do is open it and read. Let's finish this study with reading 1 Peter 5.

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