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Quenched Thirst

Romans 22:17, “The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” Let the one who hears this say, “Come!” Let whoever is thirsty come; whoever wishes may have the water of life as a free gift.”

Water is essential to the survival of plants, animals, and people. Every living thing has cells dependent upon moisture. One thing I really enjoy where I live, are the trees. In the winter when the branches are bare, I get to see their intricate designs as they weave into and around each other. It amazes me how the leaves grow to bring such a fullness to each tree. I also enjoy my walks around my neighborhood or in the parks near me. The towering trees that stand so proudly remind me of creation. We know, compared to us, Adam was a giant. When I look up at the trees, I imagined how tall Adam was and how big trees had to have been at creation for them to be taller than Adam.

When we drink water, it travels throughout our bodies feeding her blood cells, cushioning our joints and so much more. An interesting fact I learned is that the sap of trees is primarily water, and a tree carries about 80% sap. The sap contains minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins that circulates through the vascular system of a tree to feed all parts of the tree.

The water supply in any given region also determines whether the land becomes a desert or a forest. The amount of water also determines how a tree will grow; all shriveled up or tall, flourishing, and majestic. The trees are fed through water from dew, clouds, mist, fog, spring rains and winter storms. Where there are storms, springs, or rivers, a tree will tap into them to allow water to flow to their roots.

When we took a boat tour to Pictured Rocks in Upper Michigan there was one tree that stood out above the rest. Not because of its grand stature but how it was surviving. The rocks and ground under the tree had all fallen away leaving the tree all alone on its own rock pedestal. It was full and lush, and it was how it survived that amazed me. If you looked closely, you could see it had kept the roots attached to the rest of the trees and ground on the mainland. Although separated completely from the rest of the trees it stays alive because the roots have attached to a water source. (see picture above)

A tree does not hoard the water for itself. After the water has traveled through the tree, the water is given into the surrounding air. The fresh fragrant forest scent comes from the moisture and oxygen expelled from the trees. A beautiful picture of how God's creation works together in unity to help the rest of creation. A tree can be a blessing to the rest of nature as it works through its cycle. If the tree isn't nourished it can't help any other part of nature and without any life source from the water, it will die.

We can learn a lesson from the tree for our spiritual lives. If we aren't nourished properly, we can't be a blessing to others. We need to be well watered like a tree and the water comes from God's Word. When we have been fully nourished all through our soul the Holy Spirit can help us bring a sweet fragrance to those around us.

David writes a beautiful chapter about God taking care of us. Psalm 23 tells us; Jesus leads us besides still waters and Jesus claims He is the Living Water. If you're feeling thirsty or a little empty and dry today, let Jesus lead you to at the watering hole of God's Word. Take a long refreshing drink and let His truth fill every cell of your being and rejuvenate love, peace, and joy in your heart. Then work together in unity with your fellow men to spread the water to someone else.

Today let's continue our study through 1 Thessalonians and continue to nourish our souls with the words and comfort of Jesus. And if you get a chance click the link to play a fun puzzle I have created to help further your Bible time. Either print it or try it the way it is.

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Study 6- 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11-

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