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2 Corinthians 12:9, “But he said to me, “My grace is enough for you. When you are weak, my power is made perfect in you.” So, I am very happy to brag about my weaknesses. Then Christ’s power can live in me.”

Have you ever had a day where you simply ran out of juice and felt you needed to plug into something to recharge or completely reset your day?

Those with cell phones have experienced that panicked feeling of looking at your phones and realizing it's completely dead because you forgot to plug it in. This panic is especially not fun when you have to set your morning alarm and then missed your wakeup call and now you're running late for the day ahead of you.

What about those who use battery operated power tools? My husband depends on the batteries to be charged for his job. Fortunately, they have another battery already on the charger so when one dies, they simply put the charged one in and keep going. If they ever forget to keep the battery charged it becomes difficult to do their job.

Throughout our spiritual lives we can run into the same problem. There are times we may feel charged and full of joy and zeal for God. Then there comes those times that we may feel disconnected from God. We may be drained of energy and find ourselves struggling to get plugged back into our relationship with God.

Let's take a moment to see what may be draining our batteries and giving us the feeling of disconnect.

Forgetting to recharge. Like our cell phones, if we forget to plug into Jesus through regular prayer and Bible study. If our lives get too busy with our own desires and wants. If we neglect to build a relationship with God first before jumping into our days. These are the times we risk growing away from God. We may not even realize how much we are doing it.- Matthew 6:33, Matthew 13:22

Who are you dialed into? The Bible teaches us to focus on building positive relationships and friendships. Spending time with those who draw you closer to God, not farther away. When we form friendships with those that don't share our spiritual values, we can begin to drift more into the world and way from God- James 4:4

Blowing a fuse. That same old story since electricity was created. You plugged too many things into one circuit and wham, you've blown a fuse. Trying to do too much at one time causes an overload and we lose the full charge to spiritually connect with God. Our system is simply too tired to add one more thing. We need to be aware of our stresses, our workloads and responsibilities, so we can find time to plug into Jesus and stay charged. Matthew 6:25-34

So how can we plug back in and recharge? It takes effort for each Christian to know when and how to renew and strengthen their relationship with God. For every person it is going to be difficult but for all of us it will take effort and intention. Following these few ideas may help us to reconnect when we feel the disconnect.

Unplug from everything else and go somewhere away from distractions. A walk is always a great way to reconnect with God through nature. For my hubby it's those quiet moments on the lake or in the woods.

Prayer, prayer, prayer. I can't stress this enough. Prayer is part of our Armor of God and when we see God answering, our faith grows stronger and so does our connection.

It is hard not to draw closer to God when you begin listing the blessings in your life. Seeing and thanking God for what He's done for you, helped you through, given you, helps build your relationship with Him.

Nothing connects you back with God more than spending time with children praising and sharing Jesus as they know and believe in Him. Their wide-eyed, unfiltered joy, curiosity, and eagerness can easily recharge the connection to God. Their plain, simple, unwavering belief can help strengthen your faith and walk with God.

Reground your spiritual focus. Step back, take a breath from everyone and everything in the world around you. Open the Bible, read your favorite stories, maybe some favorite verses. Sing your favorite hymns or Christian songs. Recharge with you and Jesus alone. Talk with Him, share with Him, cry with Him. Let His shoulders carry the weight of the world, and His arms hold you in comfort and in joy. Embrace, reground, and recharge with Jesus.

Lastly, don't distance yourself from God in the hard times. Seek God and trust He will be there for you.

Our verse at the beginning of today is a wonderful verse to hold onto when we feel drained or disconnected, even distant from God. His strength will always charge us when we plug into His power, mercy, and love. Connect with God today and let your spiritual battery stay charged in Jesus and His strength and power, and He will help you through all your daily ups and downs.

By the time we’re thirsty we are already dehydrated. This also applies to our spiritual lives. But it is not difficult to find refreshment in Him. This is one of the wonderful things about the Bible. When we open the pages and dive into God's Word we can find refreshment, be fed, find strength and so much more. Jesus has said He is the Living water and those who are thirsty can go to Him and will find their souls refreshed. Today let's fill our souls as we read through Hebrews chapter 3.

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