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Removing Barriers

“The Lord will always lead you. He will satisfy your needs in dry lands and give strength to your bones. You will be like a garden that has much water, like a spring that never runs dry."

-Isaiah 58:11

Road construction season is always so much fun. The road barrios go up and traffic has to be redirected to a new route. It always disrupts our routine and slows traffic down.

Many get frustrated over the disruption and like to complain. But the point of road construction is always to improve our drive making it smoother and sometimes more convenient.

In life we get comfortable in our routines. We know our route like the back of our hand and can drive it in our sleep. But ever so often we face barriers in our life that disrupts our route (job trouble, finances, kids, spouse, a sickness or death, having to move). All things we face cause us to find new routes just to get through.

Are they an inconvenience, certainly, but it’s how we respond that helps get past them. Do you choose to get upset and complain or do you choose to trust God (your Contractor). No matter the barriers God is working on making our path smoother and more convenient for us.

I think of Joseph, he had many roadblocks to get through in life. Just as he got comfortable in his lot in life another barrier redirected him somewhere else. From home, to rejected by his brothers, to being sold. He then was a servant, to being thrown in jail, to second to the king. Daniel, too, had to remove some barriers before God allowed a smooth route in his life. What about David, a shepherd boy who was chosen to be king, faced a giant and then was chased by King Saul who wanted to kill him. He faced many more barriers along the way too, but he trusted God to always take care of him.

These men chose not to let those barriers deter them from their path to God. Although it probably was scary at times and I’m sure frustrating, they chose to trust God, they knew He was in complete control and had something better for them.

They faced each barrier and in God’s time He removed them when the path was smooth and ready.

How about you? Are there barriers in your life causing you to redirect your course you’ve been on? How are you taking those new directions? Be patient, when it’s over God has something more in store.

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