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Proverbs 17:22 “A happy heart is like good medicine, but a broken spirit drains your strength.”

Is life beginning to get you down right now? As we all try to get through this time of staying at home, we all will begin to feel the stress. I will be honest, I hit a rough patch last week where I shed some tears. Life for us as we know it has come to a standstill and seeing through the forest is getting tough.

Between the news, the layoffs, jobs closing, numbers of the sick rising, routines being interrupted and feeling no end in sight, I think it’s okay to have moments of breakdowns. It doesn’t mean we stay there; it simply means things are settling in our minds more. We all love our families, spouses, and children but the constant day in and day out can be hard even on the strongest of people.

At my weakest and my strongest I am thankful for a wonderful God who is still watching out for me and my family and I am glad His arms are here to hold me through the tough days. I’m thankful He gave me a wonderful husband to be here by my side at my lows and that I can be his strength through his lows and together we can tag team the kids to help get us all through this time our world is at, in this crisis.

So, today let’s have some fun. Find our smiles and lift our spirits through this time. S.M.I.L.E. -Simply Making Inspiration aLive Everywhere

We can choose to see all the gloom around us or do what the Bible says and find the joy because a merry heart does good to the body.

Let’s begin with a High Five. Go ahead and high five your loved ones around you or give yourself a big high five. Why, because the cells in your body react to everything that your mind says. Activate “happy cells” by embracing the positive. Focus on the good feeling thoughts and allow your body’s cells to dance to their natural rhythm of well-being.

Next, let it go. People who are happiest confront negative emotions head on, accept that life is full of disappointments, and change their behavior to best match as situations demand. The ability to let go is known as psychological flexibility, and the more flexible we are, the happier we become.

Third, be happy as a bird with a French Fry. The ability to appreciate the good moments is one of the things that separate the happiest of people and the average Joe. In the study of happiness, it’s known that a lot of little good things make us happier than a handful of big things. Noticing how many small pleasures exist in each day and taking a few moments to really enjoy them can shift our state of mind. Smell them. Taste them. Savor them. Like a bird with a French Fry.

Fourth, it’s a simple as Peter Pan put it. Think happy thoughts and you can fly. Thinking happy thoughts may sound unscientific, but it works. Tune into your inner voice. Be conscious of what you’re saying to yourself and if need, steer towards more positive, happier thoughts. Okay, so you won’t really fly, but your spirits will be lifted.

Finally, let God in. As spring approaches let the blossoms fill your heart. In the morning listen to the birds sing their songs while you lay in bed. Throw open the windows and let in the sunshine. Find God’s inspirations around you from your silly kids to that crazy spouse. From your needy pets to nature coming alive outside.

Yes, times are bad, this virus serious, but we need to make time for the happy too or we will lose it more and more. It’s as easy as S.M.I.L.E. -Simply Making Inspiration aLive Everywhere.

Have a great day and smile through the tears, the sun will come out tomorrow, there is a way out of the forest, there is a silver lining in all dark clouds, and at the end of the rainbow is God’s throne of love and grace.

On a side note, some of these ideas did come from a game my family likes to play. Happyopoly where our properties are all about being happy.

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