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S.N.A.P When You Are Afraid

“I will not be afraid, because the Lord is with me. People can’t do anything to me.”

-Psalm 118:6

Everyone has at least one fear, either rational or irrational, that fear is hard wired in us. For me it’s a fear of heights or being lost, my oldest spiders, or my youngest it’s clowns or people in masks like Easter bunnies or Santa and his fake beard. I am not counselor, so I will not get into why we have fears or dissect the reasons behind their fears. I am just going to say we all have felt fear at some point in our lives and we have fears. When we are afraid or have a fear, it causes us to worry, dread ideas or become upset or we even avoid situations.

For instance, my youngest hated the mall people dressed for the holiday and would go out of her way to not see them. It wasn’t until she was older that she was able to tell me she was afraid because not seeing their real faces made them creepy, who knew who was behind the mask. My hubby hates frogs and if he doesn’t see them coming he yells when they hop by him, so he avoids them the best he can.

Being afraid is a normal human emotion and at times Satan can and will use our fears against us if it is to his advantage. But God has promised us that He is greater than our fears in this world. After all, He is God and this world is full of mere mortals. God will help us conquer our fears if we go to Him for help. It’s as simple as remembering to SNAP…Stop Now And Pray.

If you feel that fear overwhelm you just pray that God will help calm you and give you a spirit of peace. Some fears will never go away like my fear of heights or getting lost or my daughters fear of spiders. But God can help us through them when we’re put in a situation of the fear in front of us. My daughter has had to squash a spider or two and I’ve had to be on a plane or in a high building before. The key is to remember God is with us and so are our guardian angels and when we are afraid in a moment we just have to SNAP.

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