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S.N.A.P When You Want To Praise God

“1-2 All that I am, praise the Lord; everything in me, praise his holy name. My whole being, praise the Lord and do not forget all his kindnesses….19-22 The Lord has set his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over everything. You who are his angels, praise the Lord. You are the mighty warriors who do what he says and who obey his voice. You, his armies, praise the Lord; you are his servants who do what he wants. Everything the Lord has made should praise him in all the places he rules. My whole being, praise the Lord.” -Psalm 103:1-2, 19-22 (For fun read the entire chapter

I woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine feeling our little home in Michigan is finally seeing spring. The sunshine fills my heart this time of year as we always pull away from the dreary days of winter and the crisp, fresh newness of spring begins. What better time to praise God as the sunshine fills our souls.

Today, instead of SNAP= Stop Now and Pray, let's use it in a new way

SNAP= Stop Now and PRAISE

There’s a song that comes to my mind when I see the words Praise Him. It goes ‘Praise Him Praise Him all ye little children. God is good, God is good. Praise Him Praise Him all ye little children. God is good, God is good’.

David again clearly gives reason we should always have praises on our lips for God. Why, because like the song says, God is good. He shows kindness, love, forgiveness, mercy. He heals our sicknesses, fights our battles and gives us good things. Although we will fade and die, God will continue to be with our family generation after generation. With all the Lord does for us how easy it should be to just SNAP…Stop Now And Praise

Pray a prayer of praise, sing a song of praise. Thank the Lord for all He had done for you and all He is doing for you. Praise Him for how great He is and for creating you because He wanted you in His life. Not just anybody, but you. Praise Him that He promises to always be with you and that He has promised a home forever in Heaven with Him. Praise Him for the good times and the bad as they have helped you become the person you are. Praise Him for His perfect timing in all that has happened in your life and praise Him for all He has blessed you with each day in your life. And if for nothing else, Praise Him for each day you have been given to share with others who you are and who He is. Praise Him for the sunshine!

God surely is good, and I will daily remember to SNAP with praise and thanksgiving.

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