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Side by Side, My Lord and I

Deuteronomy 33:26-27a “There is no one like the God of Israel, who rides through the skies to help you, who rides on the clouds in his majesty. The everlasting God is your place of safety, and his arms will hold you up forever.

Life is difficult. Besides dealing with people and their emotions, you must make decisions, get up every day, work and if you're a parent there’s a whole bunch of added responsibilities. But life can be so much easier when we have someone by our side. They can help with decisions, share laughter and jokes, make the day easier as you deal with working people. For my kids they can depend on each other and will always have someone to be by their side when facing unknown things. Recently my girls took their first vacation without mom and dad, out of state. They had a good time because they had each other. I believe that is why God gave us friends and family. There are still times you have to do things on your own and you may feel all alone. No matter if you're alone or have people in your life God has given us a really great promise in Isaiah 41:10. Let's look a little closer.

“Do not fear, for I am with you.” Fear is easy to come by. My oldest has had to conquer many fears as she's grown into adulthood. Having to drive to college alone, going to doctor appointments without mom, facing work challenges. It's been a growing process but now in her 20’s she's doing great. Anything we have to face, be it new experiences, overcoming fears, facing our fears. We can find peace knowing Jesus has promised to be right there with us. We are never truly alone, and Jesus will have our back.

“Do not anxiously look around you for I am your God.” Do you have worries? If you're a parent, there is always worry. But, do you worry about things to come that could harm you or the future and how it will turn out. Maybe you're anxious about work or school or something you've been asked to do in church. Things can cause us to panic and begin looking for problems. My mother taught me that if I spend my life waiting for the “other shoe” to drop, I am just borrowing trouble before it comes and missing the good that is happening, and much of the time the “other shoe” never drops. But we don't have to be anxious about life or anything because God has promised to be with us.

“I will strengthen you, surely I will help you.” I've always believed there is strength in numbers. God even tells us where two or three are gathered together in His name or a chord of three is stronger than a strand of one. With friends and family, we find strength to face the unknown, maybe muster up courage to talk to someone or do something, but even friends can't do it all. God says He will be our strength when we have none and He will help us through difficult days and circumstances, we only need to trust and believe.

Lastly, “I (God) will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” Anyone who was in gymnastics or watched gymnasts perform in groups, knows it takes several hands to hold someone in the air. Having a team you can trust with those maneuvers is wonderful, but even then you can be dropped, just like my daughter was, one year during a practice. Even friends and family will disappoint you and let you down at times. But, with God you can count on Him to never let you down or let go of you. And, He only needs one hand to hold you because His hand is righteous, and He is God.

Each day remember to be grateful and thank the Lord and your friends for being in your life. But also, remember where and when you can't have the human support you will always have a link to our heavenly support. It's not only knowing this, but you must believe wholeheartedly that you are never alone, you will always be in the care of the Lord.

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