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SNAP When You Feel Old

S.N.A.P= Stop Now And Pray

" Older people are wise, and long life brings understanding."

"Oh my aching bones, who knew I could feel like this the older I got." "I can't remember where that is." "Another gray hair? I feel so old." "You can't be all grown up already, I'm not that old." And my favorite, "When I was your age..."

Do some of these sound familiar? Maybe you've used a couple a time or two. Age, no matter what you do it eventually catches up with all of us. We can't do the things we used to do without feeling it the next day. They say age is mind over matter and you're only as old as you feel but there are days I feel my age verses others days and it does matter. When I look at my kids, two who are adults and out of high school I feel my age or when I crack and pop slowly down the stairs in the early mornings it matters. Not because I'm that old or I'm sad because I'm older, but more because life seems to be flying by so fast and I wonder where the time went, what have I really done and am I where I'm supposed to be. I wonder how I've used my time for God and with God.

Job says with age comes wisdom and having an 18 and 20 year old in the house I am seeing the wisdom I have gained but it doesn't stop me from feeling old (and they are good at reminding me I'm old). It's in those moments I need to remember to SNAP...Stop Now And Pray.

Pray the aches and pains will go away so I can function, pray my mind stays alert and can remember things, and pray that I can see all the good my years have accomplished for me, for my family, and for my walk with God. Pray I can see the wisdom the years have given me. Anthony Douglas William wrote, "Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom come from living."

My great grandmother lived to be in her 90's and although I don't remember much about her I do remember she loved to knit and cook and there was never a day we didn't see her sitting on the couch with her needles in hand and a smile on her face. She was from Czechoslovakia spoke little English but she loved the Lord and she never let her age slow her down. I am sure she felt her aches and pains and as she got older her age probably caught up with her too but she trusted God and He saw her through each day.

When I feel old I just need to S.N.A.P and thank God for the life I've been able to live so far and all it's blessings and pray it continues as He sees fit. God is good, never will He fail us and in our aging years He will be our strength. Use the time God has given you to do all you can and never let your age deter your abilities even when your body goes snap, crackle and pop.

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