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Strength in Numbers

“The angel of the Lord camps around those who fear God, and he saves them.”

-Psalm 34:7

Do you remember as a kid playing the game Red Rover at school? It went like this. There were two teams of usually six kids. Each team lined up linking arms so many feet apart from each other. One team would say, “Red rover, red rover send (someone from the other team) over.” That person called would then run to the team and try to break the chain. If successful they chose one of that teams’ players where they broke free back to their team. If unsuccessful they joined the team. This is played till no one is left on a team.

The best strategy to play this game is to go for the weakest link. It was a fun game and now as I’m older I’ve found some lessons we can learn from it, especially when it comes to prayer.

Yes, prayer alone is vital, and we are asked to take time in prayer with God by ourselves. It not only gives us strength each day and grows our faith but, it is how we can grow a stronger relationship with God. But God has also asked us to pray together. And when we do, we can find there is strength in numbers. A wall built that Satan will find hard to break through. Oh, he will immediately go for the weakest link and that is when we just link arms all the tighter and allow God to keep our walls firm.

Author Melody Mason tells a story of a young girl who was brought to tears during a prayer revival. The girl had never prayed with others before but was compelled by the Holy Spirit to join one evening in united prayer. She goes on to say that during their time of prayer, she saw a circle of evil angels trying to break into the prayer circle to stop the praying. But they could not get into the circle, for holding them back was a stronger circle of angels of light. (Daring to Ask for More, pg. 254)

Praying together we can see God’s work in motion. There is a real battle between the power of darkness and the power of Light. But when we stand strong and in prayer. When we hold firm in Jesus, we can chase the power of evil away.

“One person cannot chase a thousand people, and two people cannot fight ten thousand unless their Rock has sold them, unless the Lord has given them up.”

-Deuteronomy 32:30

“Five of you will chase a hundred men; a hundred of you will chase ten thousand men. You will defeat your enemies and kill them with your sword.” -Leviticus 26:8

Yes, there is power in individual prayer, but there is more power when there are two or more praying together! (Daring to Ask for More pg. 255)

Today begin to build your wall of united prayer. Join your church during prayer meetings if possible, gather a group of friends and begin to pray daily or call on your prayer warriors either through social media or phone calls. Let’s chase those powers of evil away who seek to stop God’s work from moving forward. Let’s hold firm our red rover walls and finish the work God began. God is with all of us when we seek to serve Him and do His will and He will always send His angels of light to encamp us and protect us.

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