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The Apple of His Eye

Deuteronomy 32:10 ““He found him in a desert land. And in the

wasteland, a howling wilderness; He encircled him, He instructed him, He kept him as the apple of His eye.”

When you research the meaning of things in the Bible it’s amazing how God uses so many metaphors so that we can understand so much more clearly.

This one can be fun and I found it interesting. In Deuteronomy we are told God guards us like the apple of His eye. Apple translated here means pupil. And what protects the tender eyes? Our eyelids. The eyelid guards the eye from danger. We blink to help remove dirt or dust. The eyelid keeps the sweat out of our eyes and lubricates the eyeball, keeping it healthy and when we need rest our eyelids close.

How does God fit into this scenario? Why God is like an eyelid. Moses says right in Deuteronomy that God shields and protects His people, He guards them as the apple of His eye.

But the phrase ‘apple of my eyes’ can go so much deeper with God. Our eyes are a very sensitive place on our bodies and therefore very protected. Our eyesight is very valuable, and our body will naturally protect them.

There is a prayer in Psalm 17:8 asking God to keep guard over us as He would the pupil of His own eye. In Deuteronomy we read how God provided complete protection of the Israelite's. They were His priority.

Although rebellious and stubborn God helped the Israelite's as the apple of His eye, they were cherished. The best part though is after all these years, God’s care for His people is still the same. He holds His children close, and He can protect us as easily as our eyelids protect our pupils.

When you close your eyes at night and open them in the morning, thank God for metaphors we can use to understand His love for us more clearly and thank Him for His protection daily.

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1 Comment

Feb 04, 2020

I never thought of this analogy before. Thanks for reminding me of the scripture and going deeper with it. God bless and keep writing!

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