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The Million Dollar Doorstop

Isaiah 33:6 “He will be your safety. He is full of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. Respect for the Lord is the greatest treasure.”

There was once a young boy named Conrad Reed. In 1799 he was out by the creek playing around like any young boy when he noticed something unusual in the creek bed. As he further investigated, he found a yellow round stone that glittered in the sun more than the rest. It was around 17 pounds and he decided it was cool enough to take home. The family too thought it pretty and decided it would make a great doorstop.

After three years of this unusual yellow stone that served as a doorstop in the Reed home, Conrad’s father John, decided to take the stone to a jeweler. The jeweler told John Reed that his family had been tripping over a hunk of gold for the last three years and offered to refine it for him. The jeweler turned that 17-pound nugget into a gold bar. When the jeweler offered to buy it John, not realizing its value sold it to the jeweler for $3.50. The one gold bar was actually worth $517,000.

This reminds me so much of our world today, even our own lives. How many times have we been tripping over a priceless gem in our lives unaware of the treasure it holds? We may not use it as a doorstop, but the Bible is within our reach, ready to share its hidden gems, yet we set it on the shelf only opening it once a week in church or here and there when we find the time.

Jesus, our Cornerstone, has offered to be in our lives providing unending treasures and wealth, Colossians 2:6 “As you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so continue to live in him.” But because He doesn't come as the almighty dollar, we often leave Him at the door stopping Him from entering our already busy lives. 1 Timothy 6:10 “The love of money causes all kinds of evil. Some people have left the faith, because they wanted to get more money, but they have caused themselves much sorrow.”

Jesus even tells us not to make our earthly possessions our treasures for they will be destroyed. Our treasure is in heaven, Matthew 6:19-21. Although we still live here and work to make a comfortable home for our families our goal should be a life in heaven, our hearts desire should ultimately be with Jesus not with what the world offers.

So, how do we obtain that treasure? We build our home and our lives on Jesus our sure foundation, Ephesians 2:19-22. We can do that by building on God's word. Matthew 7:24 Jesus says that those who hear His words and do them are wise builders. They have built their home (life) on rock-solid foundations. We start by opening God's word not just once or twice but often throughout the day. Learn the promises, hide them in your heart and call upon those treasures whenever you need them. Next infuse Jesus into every aspect of your life. Talk about Him, share Him, think about Him, go to Him throughout the day. Make Him such a sure foundation that His name and goodness fill your hearts like each breath you take.

Jesus is at the door of our lives knocking. Waiting to bless us, help us, guide us. All we need to do is remove any of our doorstops and let Him in. He'll be the best million-dollar choice you can make. Will you let Jesus in today and make Him your foundation?

(Thank you Amazing Facts, for the Conrad Reed story.)

Have you found some extra time to read with me through Galatians? We have just begun to cover what the Lord is teaching through these verses. If you want to join in from here on our that's great! Each day we cover more of Galatians and I add a small lesson study to help guide with simple questions, just click on the link provided. If you want to join us from the beginning of Galatians simple click the last few blogs and the links is towards the bottom with where we are reading. Just opening God's Word daily and soaking in a few verses or chapters can help fill us with the spiritual food we need to get through our days and allows God to speak to us in new ways or remind us of what we've read before. I hope you will take some time and join me as we study through the Bible. Today we will read Galatians 3:1-14

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Amen, so wonderfully spoken. Thank you for this blessed message. Blessings.

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