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The Puzzle

“But Lord, you are our father. We are like clay, and you are the potter; your hands made us all.” -Isaiah 4:8

How many of you enjoy puzzles? The challenge of fitting each piece together, figuring out what goes where and if it fits properly. My daughter loves puzzles and can easily spend a day putting one together if she could and on occasion I have helped but it’s not what I enjoy. But there can be a lot learned from a puzzle.

When you first open the box it’s a jumbled mess. Pieces upside down, some tangled with others, and colors a mixed pile of nothing. So to do a puzzle one has to begin by sorting the pieces. Some people start by finding all the edges and build the frame first. Then, if you’re my mom, some would get out cookie sheets and turn all the pieces over and start matching colors and images the go together. For my daughter she turns them over as needed for the section she’s working on at the time. No matter how a puzzler does it, through time and patience they get to the final product. A complete puzzle with a beautiful picture.

Our lives are like a puzzle. We’re a jumbled mess and all that happens in our life are like the different puzzle pieces. It’s easy to get some things together like our frames but all the pieces in the middle make it hard to get the rest together. It isn’t until we allow our “Puzzler” Jesus to take over. He knows how all the pieces will fit together. Some sections may take a little more time than others but He patiently waits on us, helping us, guiding us and in the end we become a beautiful picture, just the way He intended us to be.

So next time you see a puzzle or work on them yourself, remember you are a puzzle God is working on daily, molding you into the perfect person He has intended you to be. No matter how messed up, jumbled, or out of sorts your life is give it to our “Puzzler” and let Him work it all out to the beautiful masterpiece you are.

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Sherry Lee
Sherry Lee
May 15, 2019

This is a powerful analogy that has me reflecting. I love it! Thank you! :)


Nice thoughts! My "Puzzler" is definitely still working on me.

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