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The Song of Our Lives

Colossians 3:16 “Let the teaching of Christ live in you richly. Use all wisdom to teach and instruct each other by singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

I’ve said before, I love music. Not the screaming rock they have today with the vulgar lyrics, but music you can understand and feel uplifted by and encouraged. I do enjoy mostly Christian music but give me a good Disney song, or the older country, a few newer songs or the oldies and I have been known to hum along or tap a toe or two. Music speaks to everyone in a way nothing can.

In many ways music can define our moods, sometimes it also can show our character. When you listen to sad, depressing music all the time you very well could become sad and depressed. I remember as a kid when I was hurt by relationships with boys or crushes, I had, I wanted to listen to sad love songs to “soothe my soul”. Music has encouraged people to acts of violence, even driven people to take their lives. It has brought aggressive attitudes into society many times. Music also can bring smiles to faces and uplift so many hearts and souls when it is joyful. Anyone remember the song, ‘Because I’m Happy’ or an oldie but goodie, ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It”.

Music can bring laughter and dancing, feelings of love and romance. Music can lift someone up or tear someone down. Music can also tell a lot about a person. Music can be powerful and used for good or evil.

The Bible speaks of music many times. Music was used for praise to God for victories or for worship. David spoke of music over and over in Psalms. Music with instruments and voices. Each time it was for praise. Miriam wrote an entire song of her praise to God and her life. Revelation speaks of music we’ll be singing in praise to God. Music fills the pages of the Bible with almost every line pointing to God.

Unfortunately, as sin has increased, Satan has used music as a weapon to pull us away from God. With music all about worldly lifestyles and finding pleasure in the world and melodies that can pull us in, we are beginning to lose this precious gift God has given and losing sight of God. Even in the churches, Satan has turned music into such a controversial subject that churches are falling apart through division of what should be allowed and what shouldn’t.

Music should not be played just to feel better, look for the initial high, or to only put us in a better mood. Music should also be intentional like in the Bible. Music was a way to glorify God, share the joy He brought to our lives. The words were meant to focus on God and when played or sung, carried deep meaning.

I often find myself wondering with so many people today and the songs played. Do they really listen to the words or know what the meaning behind them are teaching? It scares me with some of today’s artists, how much they channel the devil and say, ‘it’s okay, we’re making money, and everyone loves it’, and we sit back and listen because the melody is catchy and its pop culture.

As you can see, music is a very hot topic and we all could go on forever defending it, agreeing or disagreeing with each other, listing the pros and cons and more. Today is not meant for that. Today I am just hoping to get my readers to think about their own lives and their own choices when it comes to music. What is the song of your life you want to represent about yourself? When others hear what is blaring from your radio do they hear a life full of praise to Jesus or a life that is filled with darkness and sadness?

Am I saying every song has to be about with Jesus? In a perfect world I’d like to say yes, but I am just as human as everyone else and I too enjoy various music, especially at Christmas time. All I am saying, is to be more aware of the choice of music you are playing. What you are allowing in your mind. Be aware of the words and how worldly they are and what they are teaching and how they make you feel and your attitude.

As followers of Christ we are taught to live a life for Jesus and teach Jesus to others by letting them see Jesus through us. What is the song of your life? Does it show Jesus living in you or do you only sing praises to Him once a week in church? Like Miriam and David, will your song be of Jesus or speak of this world?

Enjoy music, turn up those Christmas classics, hum along to those uplifting songs, let Jesus fill your heart, but always be aware of the devil and the music he will use to turn your mind to the world and forget Jesus. What is your song today?

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