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2 Corinthians 5:17, “If anyone belongs to Christ, there is a new creation. The old things have gone; everything is made new!”

An old farmer decided it was time to take his family to the big city. He loaded them up in his old pickup and they headed to the swanky downtown shopping area of the city. Walking into the big department store they were all amazed at what was there to buy. Mom immediately headed off to the household goods. Pa decided to take the boys and explore the other side of the store. Soon they came upon a set of doors that kept sliding and closed. People would go through the open doors and then the doors would close. A little while later the doors would open, and people would walk out. Then they watched as an elderly gray-haired woman all hunched over entered through the doors. A few minutes later the doors opened again and out walked a beautiful young blonde.

“Wow!” the boys exclaimed. “What kind of machine is that?”

“I don't know,” Pa replied. “But hurry up and fetch yer ma!”

Although a silly story we all desire that personal change in our lives. We know an elevator is not really how we accomplish that. If we want to change, we must remove the old and allow the new to fill our lives. This can be difficult when the old has been ingrained in us and the past cannot be undone.

Paul tells us in Romans 12:2 that we can be transformed when we stop conforming to the patterns of this world.

As easy as that sounds, we have learned through trial and error it isn't as easy as we think. We could begin to make progress but then we stumble back three or four steps back into our old ways. It seems that we can't do this alone, we need help and a power that can keep us moving forward. Our numerous attempts have us realizing it is difficult.

How, when it seems a difficult task do we live 2 Corinthians 5, the old is gone and we are made new. No matter how we try, the old just doesn't seem to go away.

Look at the beginning of the verse again. ‘If anyone belongs to Christ’. We are not meant to try to change on our own. Jesus, numerous times, has said He will be with us through life. He will help us through our trials and our growth. With Christ all things are possible, including leaving our old ways in the past and becoming new in Christ. Jesus’ power is the only power that can bring about a real, true lasting change.

Too many Christians seem to be caught between the old and new. They hang on to the old, hoping that one day it will be gone, failing to realize the new has already come. If we claim to be a Christian, we should live in the belief that God's Word is true. When we invite Jesus to live in our hearts, He will change the habits of this world and help us become more righteous and have a character more like Him. We just have to let go and give our lives into God's loving, caring hands. We cannot experience the new if we still hang on to the old. There can be no halfhearted commitment or have a moment of surrender but still allow the old to control.

Our pathway to transformation involves Jesus and our participation together. Jesus provides the power of grace, but we are to take the time to grow in the knowledge of Jesus through a learning process. This comes from daily connecting to Jesus, reading scripture and with prayer.

As a child of God your life is not the old life of sin and selfishness. Your life is a new life of God perfect righteousness. Jesus’ victory over sin and death becomes yours when you become part of God's new creation. Allow Christ to transform you today.

"I was once asked what the best translation of the Bible is. My answer was, “When you translate it into your life.” That’s what Bible study is all about. If you’re not translating God’s Word into your life, you’re not studying the Bible the way God intended. God gave us the Bible to transform us, not simply inform us. It should give us a bigger heart, not a bigger head. James 1:22 says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says” (NIV)." -Rick Warren

We have finished reading through 2 Corinthians and now we'll spend some time in Hebrews. Today let's read Hebrews 1:1-4, the link following has a short worksheet that can help us dig deeper and see what God is teaching.

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