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Ugh!!! Monday's

"Because he was full of grace and truth, from him we all received one blessing after another." -John 1:16

Hello Monday, may I ask you a question? Why are you back so quickly? Don’t you have a hobby?

It’s Monday. Can we restart the weekend?

This is how all of us have felt about Monday at least once in a lifetime. The weekend is so relaxing and there is time to sleep in and not worry about work, school, and responsibilities. But all too quickly Monday is once again back and we all roll over groaning as that familiar alarm once again wakes us up. But we can surely start looking at Monday’s in a new light. Instead of groaning, today let’s count our blessings. Count them one by one.

1. You have awakened and are alive and breathing!

2. You are awake with your 5 senses still in tack.

-You are able to open your eyes to see the day ahead of you or see your beautiful children.

-You are able to smell the scents of breakfast or maybe your perfume or cologne.

-You are able to enjoy the taste of breakfast or your fresh brewed coffee or tea.

-You are able to hear the sounds of the birds waking up to a new day or the sounds of your children waking up to a new day.

-You have your sense of feeling and can walk, touch, and get a moving to begin your day.

3. You had a good night’s sleep in a warm bed with a roof over your head.

4. Someone in your house is bringing in income so you can live with the means you’re used to.

5. If you have children or pets, be thankful they are still well and you get to spend another day with them.

6. You have power and water in your home so you can cook meals, have showers, have heat, and clean clothes.

7. God has given you another day to correct any mistakes you made the last week or the other day.

8. Be thankful the sun is shining and winter is over.

9. You have a vehicle with gas so you can go places.

10. God made you and each member in your family and He loves you and is with you ready to tackle the new day ahead of you.

So, today instead of grumbling that it’s Monday, praise God it’s Monday and pray your blessings will overflow because God is ready to share them with you.

It’s Monday, God is going to do some amazing things this week, get ready! (

It’s Monday. Just as you opened your eyes this morning, God opened new doors. This week expect God to move mightily in your life.

It’s Monday. Perfect time to reboot your mind and have a fresh start. (

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This so true, thank you for the reminder!!

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