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Use The Gifts God Gave You

“Each one of us has a body with many parts, and these parts all have different uses. 5 In the same way, we are many, but in Christ we are all one body. Each one is a part of that body, and each part belongs to all the other parts. 6 We all have different gifts, each of which came because of the grace God gave us. The person who has the gift of prophecy should use that gift in agreement with the faith. 7 Anyone who has the gift of serving should serve. Anyone who has the gift of teaching should teach. 8 Whoever has the gift of encouraging others should encourage. Whoever has the gift of giving to others should give freely. Anyone who has the gift of being a leader should try hard when he leads. Whoever has the gift of showing mercy to others should do so with joy.” -Romans 12:4-8

There is a Christian song sung by the Kings Herold that I like. The lyrics are ‘If the eyes said to the head I have no need of thee or the head to the feet I have no need of you. How could we ride or hold a thimble, how can walk or run so nimble? How can the body be complete without feet…. If the ear shall say because I’m not the eye, I don’t seem to see things very clear. But where are the sounds that make us tremble? How can we hear that crashing cymbal if we depend on our eyes to hear… If the foot shall say because I’m not the hand I don’t feel like a handsome part… What does it matter to be the first or latter if God has made the body whole and formed each part…’

We are all unique individuals and God has made us all for a part in our families, at work, and in the church. We all have been given gifts that all need to be used to complete a working “body” just like our bodies all have a unique quality to help us work as a full body. Without singers, there would be no music. Without preachers we’d get no inspiration. Without those with computer smarts we’d have no sound. Without electricians there would be no lights. And without artists in photography, painting, etc we wouldn’t be able to capture the image of God. We need those who do well behind the scenes as much as those who are friendly and great in public.

The point is God has given us all gifts He knows will help in His work to teach the world and to Him there are no small parts and no better parts. Every gift we have has been blessed by God and He needs us all to use them and to Him we all are important.

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