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" The Lord says this to you: ‘Don’t be afraid or discouraged because of this large army. The battle is not your battle, it is God’s." -2 Chronicles 20:15

There is a catchy phrase we all have heard, 'Be all you can be, in the Army’. You might not serve our country, but we all are in an army. God’s army. When we choose to follow Jesus, we take on a battle for not only Jesus but for our life. Since Satan was cast out of heaven the battle lines were drawn and daily, he seeks to take everyone down with him. But Jesus won’t give up on us and when we choose Him, we shouldn’t give up either. The battle will be won, and the devil will be defeated, it’s a matter of whose side you will choose to be on. So, when we follow Jesus, He wants us to be all we can be and by doing that we can defeat Satan’s attempts for our soul. Silence him by always…

Rejoicing- Romans 5:10-11 (TLB): After all Jesus did on the cross to reconcile us with Him, we should never stop rejoicing. Jesus wants us to be His friend and together we will defeat the enemy.

Contending- Jude 3: We are in a battle for our soul and Jesus has already given us victory at the cross. Never stop defending the truth of God.

Watching- Proverbs 15:3: If the Lord is watching over all good and evil shouldn’t we do the same? Satan will try to defeat us through deception, so we need to always be on alert by watching always.

Praying- Ephesians 1:18: This is simple, defeat Satan through prayer. Always go to God who has promised hope, protection, victory and salvation.

Giving- Romans 12:8: Nothing gets Satan more riled then when we put self aside and give to others. We can help in areas God has called us to and be generous. This is God living in us.

Running- Joel 2:7: Our one goal is to serve God and share His message to the world. Satan will try to defeat us, but we need to keep running forward not allowing anything to deter us. Remember this is a battle for life, don’t allow Satan to win.

Overcoming- Revelation 3:21: When the battle is finally over, and we have been all we can be as a soldier of God we will receive the promise that has all along be promised. A home in heaven while Satan and his army will burn to destruction.

There is so many Christian children’s songs that I loved singing with my kids that I can apply to my own life reminding me how great God is and how we can serve Him. Another one we did with actions was ‘I may never march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry, shoot the artillery, I may never fly over the enemy but I’m in the Lord’s Army…’ And a loved Hymn, ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’. Both songs help us remember that we serve an awesome God so why not be in His army. The devil will not win this battle and when we continue to spend our days with Jesus, we will be part of that victory. Let’s silence that serpent once and for all…

Are you ready to serve in God’s Army? Do you see how the devil is trying to pull you to his army? Resist the temptations and seek God’s continued help that you won’t fall away from Him and into Satan’s traps. Have you been doing all you can in God’s Army?

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