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Well-Tended Oasis

Hosea 10:12 “I said, ‘Plant goodness, harvest the fruit of loyalty, plow the new ground of knowledge. Look for the Lord until he comes and pours goodness on you like water.”

Have you ever looked at someone's beautiful flower beds and the arrays of colors and varieties that are placed just right, to make something beautiful? Or maybe you've watched friends reap bountiful harvests of summer planting. Maybe you thought, ‘someday that will be me’ or ‘if only I could manage that’.

I never thought it would happen for me, the ‘someday'. I knew I'd enjoy planting once I got into it, it was just a matter of when I'd start. Although I still wonder if someday, I'll be able to make my flower gardens come alive like I've seen at other homes. Of course, with each year I learn new ways to make my vegetables more proliferate than the year before.

As you know I enjoy my gardens, I've talked a lot about them, and we have learned many things from them. I enjoy digging, planting, watering, (not so much the wedding) and seeing the results of my efforts. I get excited when my vegetable seeds take sprout and start producing. Even if it's the smallest start, I want to tell others they are growing. Watching my flowers grow and take over the flower bed always brings a smile. Not perfect or of show room quality but they are a much-loved small piece of land and my well-tended Oasis.

If you have worked in a garden, be it your own or helping someone else, there is one thing that you'll notice. It seems the older I get the more I notice the joints and back aches. For most gardeners it's not the cleanest of tasks. Fingernail’s break, sweat rolls off you, and your hands and clothes get full of dirt. My husband chuckled at me this year when I planted my vegetable seeds. I simply knelt in the dirt and began digging. Although a messy hobby there is something that can happen to one’s spirit when gardening.

A couple with five children handled raising their family in a wise way. They planted a vegetable garden. The children all thought it was to keep food on the table, but the parents found a wonderful use for the garden. Whenever one of their children was stressing over a problem or they weren't getting along with each other the parents sent them outside to the garden for a weeding break. By the time one of the parents made it outside to check on the child's progress, the troubled child was ready to talk or had worked out their frustrations.

Did you know that by putting oneself in contact with basic elements of existence like sun, air, water, and soil can take our minds away from the normal everyday things we face each day? Tilling the soil, pulling the weeds, letting the water run over the garden can put us back into balance and give us refreshment to keep going but with a new perspective. I know when I'm in my garden my mind is not worrying about our finances, people in our lives, or the problems around me. My focus is on the garden and how it's doing and growing, and yes, I am the crazy lady who talks to my plants, encouraging them and getting excited over them.

Gardening is a great way to teach patience and our idea of beauty can be redefined. We can find a confidence in watching our work grow into creativity and construction. We can learn to care for something else and not just our needs and desires.

I believe that was one of God's intentions when He taught Adam and Eve how to garden. He knew once they were no longer in Eden, they weren't safe from the harshness of satan and the world. He knew they'd get stressed, frustrated and as the world grew, we all would need a place to find relaxation and a refreshing of the soul.

One of the best places to go after a hard day is the garden. If you can't make a garden because of where you live find one in your own area to visit or even a park or by a lake. If you don't feel you have a green thumb or time, start something small in your home. Find your well-tended Oasis wherever it might be and take that ‘weeding break’ as often as you can. You will come out refreshed and renewed each time when you slowdown and let God in.

Have you been able to find some extra time in your days to join me with furthering our studies through the Bible? No matter what study you are doing, it is always great to dig deeper in scripture daily, feeding ourselves with manna from the Lord. It is by deepening our walk with Him that we will be sustained through each day and whatever comes our way. If you haven't already, please join me as we are reading through Colossians right now. Allow the Holy Spirit to open your mind to new ideas and maybe refresh some things you already know. Today we will continue our study with Colossians chapter 2. As always there is a link below with a short study to help guide you or just allow the Lord to speak to you and share with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and if you'd like take a few more minutes to look around or click on my other links, God bless.

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