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When the Bottom Drops Out

“Let us, then, feel very sure that we can come before God’s throne where there is grace. There we can receive mercy and grace to help us when we need it.” -Hebrews 4:16

So, you’re carrying a box filled with things around your home and while you walk the bottom suddenly breaks open and all your neatly packed things are now scattered on your floor.

How about a grocery bag? You’ve got your groceries neatly in the bag and while walking the bottom gives way and now your groceries are around your feet.

One more, you’ve been looking for a job endlessly or maybe you need to move and you’ve found the perfect house or finally the perfect job and everything is moving along and lined up perfectly then bam, once again the bottom drops out and the job no longer needs you or the house wasn’t going to work anymore.

Have you been there? Everything is going along smoothly and then suddenly you’re in a pile of a mess wondering ‘what did I do to deserve this, Lord?’

I was reminded of the widow in 1 Kings 17:12. Famine was in the land and she and her son only had enough flour and oil for one more meal. Then Elijah comes along asking she use it for him. Could you do that? The widow probably debated, but she had to trust God and after she prepared Elijah’s bread her last flour and oil filled back up and became never-ending until the famine was over (verses 10-16).

Everything seemed to work out and began looking like the worst was over and bam the bottom dropped out on the widow and her son fell ill until he stopped breathing. In verse 18 we read that the widow did cry, why God?

Praise Elijah who took the matter to God who, in His love, raised the boy to a healthy life again (verses 20-22).

Whenever the bottom drops out on something in our lives we tend to respond like the widow and ask God, why, what am I doing wrong? The thing we forget is that we don’t have to do anything wrong, it’s just bad things happen in this fallen world.

The key to remember when we’re sitting in the middle of the mess or frustration has set in, we serve a Faithful God, one who has promised never to desert us. This is a good time for a prayer of understanding that God has a purpose for everything. We don’t have to know His purpose; we just need to live the faith we have. Pray that God will give us the peace to get through it knowing there is something around the corner that is better for us. And yes, even with broken boxes or spilled groceries, your day can only go up from there.

If the bottom has dropped out from under you today, use this opportunity to apply the lesson we can learn from the widow. If you’ve come through any times the bottom has dropped out, first praise and thank God for seeing you through and try to see the blessing that came out of it.

Always remember we all are God’s children and like our earthly parents, He is here for us to help where He can and help us always pick up the pieces. Trust God today.

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