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Whose Playground Do You Want to Play In?

Ephesians 2:10 “God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us to do good works, which God planned in advance for us to live our lives doing.”

Playgrounds can be fun. Slides, teeter totters, swings, and so much more. It's a lot of fun when you have little ones to play with or watch play. There are a few playgrounds that my children grew up around but over the last few years as they have turned into adults, they have all said, “They aren't like I remember, and everything is so small.” Perception is an amazing thing and as we get older our perception does change.

Bringing in April and how the world views April 1st got me thinking. It's a day of perception and deceit. Oh, but it’s the one day we can fool our friends and family and then say “Ha, April Fools”. This is a day that has been celebrated for a long time, and many take it seriously and find their pranks hilarious. I will admit, I have tried in the past to pull off an April Fool’s joke here or there but was never successful and now that I am older, I have learned a few things and I'm glad I never was successful.

You see, to pull off a good prank you must begin with deceiving someone who has put their trust in you. To deceive them, there has to be a few lies and a lot of smooth talking. Now, think about this a moment. Is this God's way of living? Absolutely not, deceit comes from the Devil, and his words are smoother than anyone out there. If he can convince Eve, who walked with God, he surely knows how to smooth talk his way around you.

Although last week was April Fool’s and pranks are part of the tradition, there is a fine line we all have to walk as Christians. When we set out to prank someone and have to lie or deceive them, we are not following God's character, we have walked onto the devil's playground. How easy it is to say, “Well, it was just a little joke, what's the big deal?” The big deal is? That is where the devil gets us. When we think a little lie or deceit is okay because it's April Fool’s day or a surprise party or any occasion, then we won't bat an eye when it's a bigger lie or we set out to deceive someone in a bigger way.

Taking it a step further, what about innocent pranks people show on social media? When a person can deceive someone into believing that something is real when it's not, just to pull off the prank. To me, they are still deceiving an innocent bystander with something that is a lie and, again, at that point they are falling into the world's lifestyle without knowing it. No, not all pranks do this but when you stop and think about the ones you may have watched, you begin to see the difference.

Sure, they are fun and sometimes funny to watch. Playgrounds are fun, especially when you're young. But when you step onto that deceptive playground you have given Satan room to keep it seeming like fun. But like with my kid’s perception, the longer you play “little” innocent fun gags or pranks, things won't look the same or feel the same. The longer you're there the further Satan can pull you away from God and His character.

As for God's playground. Well, we've only begun to enjoy the fun we will have following Him. Soon will be called to heaven to live with Jesus. We’ll be able to play with the monkeys on the jungle gym, slide down the giraffe’s necks, run with the lions and swim with the dolphins. We’ll have wings and be able to fly with the birds. And the good thing is, no matter how much time passes, we’ll never tire of the fun and our perception will never change. That all starts here on earth when we choose to follow Jesus and try to live like Him. So, no matter whether it’s April Fool’s day or anytime you feel you want to pull off a good prank and it involves a little lie or some deceit, maybe rethink your words and plans. Yes, we are to live in this world, but we don't have to live like this world. Have fun but remain faithful to God at the same time. Lying and deceit are not who God is and His character. This world and its playground are only temporary, but God is forever.

Let's continue our study through our Blue Jean Faith through James. Remember to go through the studies at your pace and I will continue to post them as we go. Again feel free to open any discussions with me through any of my social media's and together we can grow stronger in Jesus. Today let's continue with James 2:14-26

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