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A Mother's Journey

“He gives children to the woman who has none and makes her a happy mother. Praise the Lord!” -Psalm 113:9

From the first confirmation of a new baby joining the family a mother’s journey begins. God has now given her the privilege of experiences parenthood. The joy that fills her heart as she now spends the next nine months caring for this new life. Morning sickness seems more tolerable knowing it’s because of the baby and she can handle the mood swings because in the end there will be a new addition to the family. Tears fill her eyes when she hears their little heartbeat for the first time. There is no doubt she is pregnant now. As the weeks go by and she sees her belly grow she begins to picture what her baby is going to look like. Hopefully they have their daddy’s dimples maybe her smile. Slowly she begins to put the nursery together picking out the perfect color scheme, crib, blankets and more. As she goes in for the ultra sound a new hope fills her heart. There’s their little feet, hands, nose, heart and look the baby is a…. oops let’s wait and be surprised. This perfect new life is growing and is healthy and strong. The mother’s journey now continues through the second half of the pregnancy. She laughs when she feels the baby kick, she groans every time she has to push baby back out of her ribcage. A calm fills her heart with each passing month. She and baby have formed a bond. This is her baby, this is a life she is responsible for, this little one growing in her she would give her life for. She thanks God for each experience of this pregnancy.

Before she can blink this new mother has made it through nine months and the pain and reality of childbirth begins. Before the day is out she is now holding her new tiny perfect baby in her arms. Tears of relief and joy fill her eyes as she folds back the blanket. Ten perfect fingers, ten perfect toes. The pain only hours ago pass as she hold this new perfect life in her hands. God’s perfect little miracle and now she is known forever as mom.

Now her journey really begins and so does a worry that will never go away. Once home mom and baby settle in. Schedules are set, and life will never be the same. Although sleep deprived she looks forward to those late-night feedings when she can hold her precious baby just a little longer and a little closer. Before long baby begins to grow with their first babble of mama to their first steps. Mama laughs at baby’s giggles and toothless smiles. She captures every moment as it passes not wanting to miss anything.

Over the first five years her heart is so full of joy as she watches this little blessing grow and discover the world around them. She is there when they are sick, holding and reassuring them it will be okay even when she is scared for them. She’s there on those sleepless nights rocking and singing to them. Although they take up all her time she clings to every moment thanking God for this journey and looking forward to each new stage they bring.

A mother’s journey will take her on a roller coaster of emotions for the next eighteen years. From scrapes and bruises, long nights to playful moments she treasures each day she gets to be mom. Tears and fears, sass and laughs her child has stolen pieces of her heart. Each day will bring on not only new challenges or discoveries but memories that will stay locked in her mind forever.

The teenage years will bring on the hardest trials she will face. There will be ‘I love you’ as much as ‘I hate you’. She will be needed to mend broken hearts and keep them from being “bored”. Yet she will be ignored and left to herself when they don’t need her. She will feel like a maid, chauffeur, and cook and at times feel unappreciated. But with each extra ‘hi’ or hug or that surprise gift she is reminded why she loves being a mom.

Again, as she blinks she has to watch her once tiny perfect baby drive away from home. Off to start their own life. She worries, has she done enough, will they be okay on their own? She must let go hoping they remember their roots and will come home to visit ever so often. They still have pieces of her heart and she will forever worry about them.

Over time her journey takes a new path as her baby now becomes mama and she becomes grandma. A new baby to steal pieces of her heart. She gets to experience baby in a different way and the hugs, kisses and spoiling begins. God has brought her life full circle and her journey, although full of ups and downs, happy moments and frustrating moments, she can praise God for blessing her with the title mother.

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