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Delight in God's Word

Your words came to me, and I listened carefully to them. Your words made me very happy, because I am called by your name, Lord God All-Powerful. -Jeremiah 15:16

Picking up a good book to read can be a wonderful journey. You can go on many adventures, travel to different time periods in history, even learn a few new things. If you really enjoy reading and the author writes in a way that pulls you into the story, you can get swept up into the world you are reading about. Curled up with a good book under a blanket in winter or out in the warm sun of summer under that big oak tree can bring relaxing joy to the soul.

There is a book out there that is far better than any book written and the words of the Author like none other. This book has it all from adventures, to battles, love stories, science, and mystery. You can learn some great history, learn love, find protection and hope. It's pages are filled with the greatest promises and you can learn of a Savior who's only desire is to see you face to face again.

It is in the Bible we can find delight in our God. His words are in the pages for us to find meaning to life, joy in good times and bad and a Savior who is daily with us when we choose Him. His words are there to bring us peace and strength, to guide our actions, light our paths, and help us feel protected and loved more than any man could love us. Open it's pages today and let the Lord lead your heart to find the special gems His has planned for you to see. Curl up with the Bible and let it's pages fill you with delight and you will find the adventures you are looking for.

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