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Everyone Makes Mistakes

“If they stumble, they will not fall, because the Lord holds their hand.” -Psalm 37:24

“I didn’t do it” “It wasn’t me” “I don’t know what happened” “Don’t look at me”

I bet you’ve heard these phrases once or twice or maybe used them yourself. I know if you have kids you have heard it on more than one occasion. Why is it we do that? Always shifting the blame or when we make a mistake, we don’t want to admit it. It could be because we’re afraid of someone getting after us or we’re embarrassed and don’t want to made fun of. Whatever the reason, when a mistake comes up those phrases soon begin flying around.

The problem is that we all will make mistakes in life. Some big, some small. It’s how we learn to handle those mistakes and the lesson we can learn and not repeat it again. The best news we can have is that even through our mistakes God is still here loving and forgiving us.

Did you know that there are many people in the Bible who made mistakes yet were mighty warriors for God and God still used them? Moses comes to mind, he got frustrated at the Israelite's and disobeyed God, yet God still continued to use him. David sinned in a big way and God still forgave him and used his family line in a really big way. How about Jonah, God’s own prophet, he chose to run from Gods instructions and God still forgave him and used him. Peter denied Jesus three times and Jesus still called him to service. The list can go on and on and your probably could already name some of your own.

The point is, that everyone makes mistakes big and small, but God will never be too far from us to forgive and help pick up the pieces and fix them. He will always do this because He loves us, we are His family. Just like you are forgiven when you make a mistake by friends or parents and why you forgive your children when they mess up. We love them, they love us and together no matter the mistake we help pick up the pieces and fix things.

Once a mistake is made there is a simple solution to correct them. 1-Acknowledge your mistake 2- Take responsibility for your mistake 3- Apologize and offer a solution for amends 4- Forgive yourself.

And always remember God is never out of reach. Talk to Him and find peace. And if someone has made the mistake to you and asks forgiveness, forgive. Forgive even if they don’t ask too.

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