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God’s Plan Can Never Be Defeated

Romans 8:31, “So what should we say about this? If God is for us, no one can defeat us.”

As a child playing in the sand on the beach or playing by a river stream, we had fun. On the beach do you remember building sandcastles? After your masterpiece of building, you probably attempted to put a moat around it by digging the trench and then filling it with water. But you had to make sure the walls of the trench were solid and connected so the water would “hold”. Or maybe while by a river or stream you would try to use the rocks to build a dam and stop the flow of water. Or maybe you tried to make a small pool to float your toys in.

In all our childish efforts, we never were completely successful though, were we? At the beach the water just absorbed back into the sand. The current of the river sometimes was still too strong and it would knock the rocks over, washing the mud downstream. Yet, as a child we never let that deter us in our creativity.

Even now and for centuries dams have been used to control water. They help prevent floods, divert rivers, store water, and irrigate land. Yet, even with all the technology man has, dams still do not completely stop the flow of water back it into the streams. And, with enough rainfall, dams can still overflow.

In our lives we are faced with challenges (dams) meant to divert us or even attempt to defeat God's purpose for our lives. There are even times our life does get derailed by failures, bad decisions, even mistakes in our course veers us off the path Jesus has made for us. God shows us the path best for us and we still let the dams redirect us onto another path. Satan will do his best to steer you off course with rock walls or moats to keep you stuck and from moving forward.

This is where we truly see God's hand at work in our lives. When we fail, fall, lose our way, even follow a new path, if we give our circumstances to God, His plan will never be defeated. He simply will take us where we are at and use those circumstances to accomplish His good and eternal purpose- Romans 8:28. When His love flows in us those rocks built to stop us or re-route us will come crashing down. With God in control, nothing can hold us back from His will for our lives.

Gods plan will never be defeated because our God, Creator of the universe is and will always be in control. We can praise Him when we choose to let Him into our hearts and lives because nothing can happen that He hasn't defeated- John 16:33. At the cross Jesus said, “It is finished.” There He overcame satan and at His second coming He will complete all that He started since the fall of man. Even with the willful disobedience of one man or a group of people Jesus will still defeat anyone or anything that tries to steal His children from His loving care- Deuteronomy 20:4.

If Jesus can overcome this world and the things satan tries to divert Him with, then we can find hope that we too can defeat sin and circumstances when we are aligned with God and His will in our life. Ultimately, no dams can hold us back or re-route us when we walk with Jesus, who has known us even before we were born in knows our endings. Find victory in Jesus today and every day.

I know say it a lot but I believe I can't say it enough for myself and for my readers. Studying the Bible is important for so many reasons and if you are searching for answers, guidance, help, hope, strength or so much more it comes down to Bible, Bible, Bible. In God's Word we can find so many truths to help us get through this life. Yet in order to see those truths we have to open the pages and study the Bible, listen for God's leading and open our hearts to receive God.

Scripture saves. Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers. (1 Timothy 4:16) Salvation has happened to God’s people, salvation is — at this moment — happening to God’s people, and salvation will happen completely at the resurrection of God’s people, and it is happening now by means. Paul says to hold fast to the teaching and thereby save yourself. God saves us daily by Scripture. This is why we should learn the scriptures, hide them in our hearts and teach them to others. In the pages we will find God and we will find salvation. Let's finish our 2 Timothy study today by reading chapter 4.

Study 4, 2 Timothy chapter 4-

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