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God's Sense of Humor

"Then we were filled with laughter, and we sang happy songs. Then the other nations said, “The Lord has done great things for them.” -Psalm 126:2

If we are created in God’s image and laughter is part of our character, then I believe God does enjoy laughter and has a sense of humor. We can find humor in the Bible, in nature and in humans. God’s love and wonderment has been built into everything.

From nature. We can find a smile in so many things in nature and some make us laugh. How about the permanent smile on a dolphin? We never tire of animal antics that keep us laughing. They are so cute, yet we stand at awe in how God created each of them unique with their own personalities. They can look guilty, thoughtful, mischievous, and inquisitive. God created them for our enjoyment, and they can make life less burdensome.

If you look at nature around you, you can find a smile or two also. Cloud watching can be fun and bring laughter as you find all kinds of shapes and use your imagination. And trees, there are so many different shapes and sizes and the branches can go all over the place. Some even make for quite the entertainment as they can look like humans. Flowers can have faces some even make faces at you, and vegetables can grow into many amusing shapes, especially gourds and pumpkins. And let’s not forget the amusement in weather if you live here in Michigan, one day shorts and the next snow gear.

From humans. First and foremost, who can resist a child? If you have children or grandchildren, they have become a source of so much laughter. They can teach us to view life differently and not to take things so seriously. They find joy in splashing in puddles, turning their face upward during a rainstorm and giggle at the simplest tickles. They let their imagination run wild as they play in the parks or at home. One day they can be a fireman and the next shooting off to the moon. A mop in their hands become a horse and blankets their forts. Children will squish their toes in the gooey mud and make mud pies enjoying life as it goes by. And when you’re lucky they say the goofiest things that will always make you laugh.

As for adults we too can provide a laugh or two even without trying. Google one day the difference between men and women and you’ll have a lot to chuckle about. Look around today and see if you can find those laughs.

And from the Bible, God showed humor a few times too. Sarah and Abraham had a baby in their 90’s plus. Jonah disobeys God and takes a ride in a whale and then God uses a tree and a worm to teach Jonah a lesson. A donkey is used to talk to Balaam, the plagues used in Egypt- can you imagine all the frogs hopping around. Yes, these are a few examples and God used them as important lessons, but there is some humor in His methods that He used to get through to them.

Today as many people all over participate in April Fool’s Day and try to pull off pranks to their unsuspecting friends, families and co-workers. Put those ideas out of your head and focus on God’s humor. It is better than any humor this world can come up with. Find joy and laughter in God’s creation and praise Him for the good things He has given you.

I found these and thought they were good. A Panda, it’s a cow bear. A Praying Mantis, make an insect that does karate. A Bee, put a needle in it’s behind. A Seahorse, horses head, gills and tiny fins, and the male gives birth. An Octopus, 8 floppy arms with suction cups. Porcupine, so cute you want to cuddle it but nope, it has prickly quills. Spider, a tiny octopus that can walk on walls. Kittens, oh so cute and cuddly with razor sharp claws. Puppies, well they are just too cute we all need to have one.

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