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Jeremiah 29:13, “If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”

Are you someone who enjoys the beach? My family lives in Michigan where we are surrounded by the five Great Lakes. We visited many coastlines of each lake spending time on the beaches. While my kids were younger it was more about swimming, but now that they are older, they spend less time with my husband and me. We now spend less time swimming and more time seeking. Our lakes have many rocks that roll in on the shores and our state is known for some unique stones. Among them are our famous Petoskey stone and the Yooper Lights. (I have talked about them in a previous blogs, ( & ).

Many people spend their time in the lakes seeking these rocks and many others that would polish up nicely. My husband and I have now joined the group of seekers, especially when we're up north along Lake Superior. Seeking the many small rocks can remind us not only how awesome God's creation is but how we are all unique and special too.

     There are also different types of rock seekers on the water’s edge.


The big Rock-Seekers: These people only look for the ‘big scores’. Rocks easily seen and easy to grab and keep.


The Sifters: These people come prepared with their nets where they can easily scoop up rocks, sift out the sand and hope to find good rocks in the mix.


The Waders: These people go all in, sometimes clothes and all, if they begin to see some good rocks or those elusive Petoskey stones or Yooper Lights. They'll sit in the water picking up handfuls of rocks at a time to search through.


The Micro-Seekers: These people take a step, stop, bend down and really seek out the tiny treasures, the perfect rocks.


     This of course makes me wonder what kind of ‘God-Seekers’ we are. We call ourselves Christians, believe in Jesus, but how do we seek God?

     Are we only noticing the big and obvious blessings we can quickly grab and pocket?

     Do we have too many plates spinning in our lives that we have to sort through our ‘busyness’ in hopes of getting a glimpse of Jesus and His blessings?

     Are we willing to go all in for Jesus? Do we wade into the unknown and step out of our comfort zones, ready to find blessings everywhere?

     Do we stop along the way long enough to notice even the smallest blessings?


     When one of my closest friends goes rock seeking, she usually sets out to find only Petoskey stones. Not all the Great Lakes have them, so she visits the lakes that do most of the time. When my husband and I rock hunt, he really takes the time to find the Yooper Lights (mostly in Lake Superior). He is pickier about getting just the right rocks. For me I like to wade in the water and just watch the waves roll over the rocks. I have no specific rock that I want to look for, I just enjoy watching and looking.

     When my husband found his first Yooper Light it was by luck. He didn't even know what he had until we got home. Now he does look for them.

     This reminded me of how God brings blessings into our lives even when we're not looking or expecting them. The best part of God's love and blessings on us is that we don't have to go looking for them. He happily places things in our lives to remind us of His love and presence.


     No matter what kind of God-Seeker we are we all need to be seeking the Lord. We seek God because we need a relationship with Him. We are weak, we are lost sinners, and we cannot survive this world without Him. The devil will eventually win your soul when you don't have God in your life. There are only two choices, God or satan.


What do we seek God for:


Seek God for forgiveness and salvation- Psalm 86:5 & Psalm 37:39

Seek God for his presence- Psalm 105:4

Seek God for wisdom- James 1:5

Seek God for strength- Psalm 105:4

Seek God for joy- Romans 15:13

Seek God for peace and deliverance- Psalm 34:4


     Let's all continue to seek the Lord daily and be the light to others He has asked us to be.




     Reading the Bible is the best way to start seeking God. In its pages God speaks to us, leads us, guides us, and reveals His heart to us. He shows us how to live. In the pages we can find out what God is like, His mind, His standards, His love for us. Let's continue to cultivate a habit of spending time with God in His Word with our Being Right with God study with lesson 6.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and if you'd like take a few more minutes to look around or click on my other links, God bless.

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