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Jesus Thinks About You

We are so special to Jesus that no matter how many people are in this world, He takes time to think about each and everyone of us.

Psalm 139:17 " How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered!"

Is there at least one special person in your life that you think about at least once a day? Maybe a spouse or a boy/girlfriend. Maybe you have a child or children you think about. A parent or grandparent? Everyone has that one person they think about. Sometimes you see something that you know they'd like or hear a song that brings memories to your mind. A decision you know that can't be made without them or you just hope they are safe and having a good day.

We are that special to Jesus. He thinks about each one of us like we do those special people in our lives. If He had a refrigerator I know all our pictures would be on it. And because Jesus thinks about us, He knows what can bring genuine happiness to our hearts and He tries to fill our lives with things that make us smile. Maybe a song, a sunset, birds chirping their songs, family, friends and so much more. His love for each of us is not in materialistic things but in things we hold dear to our hearts.

Zephaniah 3:17 tells us that God is with us, He will save us, rejoice over us, be quiet with us, and shout our praises. What a wonderful thought to know that there will always be someone in our lives thinking about us and only wanting the best for us. Praise God for His love and daily share the same love to Him.

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