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Pillars on God’s Foundation

Proverbs 23:7a “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

There is a cave in New Mexico called Carlsbad Caverns. When you first enter you may see it like all other caves, dark and not very interesting. As you continue on you begin to see one of God's many wonders. Over many centuries tiny drops of water have been falling, forming a beautiful 40-foot-high monument. With each drop of water, particles have been depositing a marble like pillar. That is just one of the many pillars that have been forming over time. Throughout the cave, each droplet of water, each particle has formed many pillars of different sizes each filling the cavern with unique sculptures.

Have you ever thought about how your character is formed? Did you just suddenly wake up and now you are like you are. Some of our traits may have been genetically passed on from our parents but our character is formed over time. Like the sediment that shaped the pillars in the caverns as each droplet fell, we have a similar process happening in us. With each thought that enters our mind, each thing we watch or listen to, begins to sink down into our being and begins forming our own pillars or character.

Violence doesn't just happen. It comes when one fills their mind with immoral, selfish, even violent thoughts. The more one lets the violent movies in or the headbanging, world crushing music in, the more they become numb to what is happening around them and think it's okay when it's happening. Immortality, desires that fit the world's ways of thinking become okay when one begins to let the drops of water into their lifestyle. This is where satan wants each of us because we have left Jesus, our compass, behind. Even if you think it's only a couple drops of water it'll be okay. Like the caverns show, those small drops build into tall pillars over time, and we give satan a second, and that will over time turn into minutes and we've formed pillars of evil and failure.

On the positive side. When we fill our minds with truth and love we begin to form strong and beautiful pillars. Philippians even tells us we should think on things that are honorable, just, pure and pleasing. Why, because this is who Jesus is and we are working on becoming more like Him. When we let the good droplets fill our mind, we build a character of good and the things this world finds pleasing and desirable starts to seem dimmer in dimmer.

But we can't do this alone, we are human, born of sin in a world of sin. Our tendencies will always lead us away and that is why we need to build our pillars on the right foundation. Each structure has to begin on something, right? You can't have walls without a base. Even if you put poles into the ground, there needs to be firm ground, or they will fall over. A quick thought that we will elaborate on. Builders have used cornerstones for centuries in construction projects. It's the principal stone, placed and used to guide workers as they build. This cornerstone is the largest, most solid and the most carefully constructed part of the edifice.

In scripture Jesus is referred to as the cornerstone in which the church, His people, are built on. Isaiah 28:16-17 refers to the cornerstone as the most precious stone for a firm foundation. Paul tells us in Ephesians we are God's people and members of God's household built on the foundation of the apostles and Jesus is our Chief Cornerstone, Ephesians 2:19-21.

Jesus is our firm foundation, our cornerstone that holds us together and He confirms that, in Mathew 21 when He says, those who hear My words and listens is like a wise man who built his house on solid ground. The winds and storms came, and the house stood firm. When we fill our minds with Jesus, dig deep in scripture, build a relationship with Jesus. When we allow good thoughts, stay away from worldly desires, our music and TV watching uplifting, the droplets will fall but our character will show Jesus through our words and actions. When we build on Jesus, our cornerstone, we will remain strong during all storms in life.

But Jesus adds more to that verse. When we choose to do it our way, build on sandy ground (this world) our house will fall flat when life is thrown at us. When we fill our minds with violence, hatred, evil or even just things that are not like Jesus or what Jesus represents. When we let the world into our lives more than Jesus through TV, music, games on the Xbox or our phones. The more we neglect Jesus and choose not to listen, our pillars will still grow, but our character will become sour and eventually we will fall flat.

It's pretty simple. We spend our days filling our minds, but Solomon had it right. By beholding we do become changed. The droplets fall daily and over time we have built a character that’s good or bad. The question now is, what pillars of character are you building? The things we dwell on will determine the person we become. Pursue this world and reflect the world or pursue God and reflect the character of our Heavenly Father. Each day, set out to be the person God designed you to be, and that begins by making God your Chief Cornerstone in your life. No matter what you are going through right now, Jesus will be your firm foundation in your unshakable ground. May God bless you as you stand on the rock that is on higher ground.

For those who would like to further there Bible study time I have begun lessons and Bible reading throughout the Bible each week. I will include the lessons and chapters so you can follow along. We have already covered James and 1 John and will be moving onto Ephesians. This week we will start with Ephesians chapter 1. Again if you just want to read and allow the Holy Spirit lead, I encourage you to do just that. Just reading scripture daily brings us closer to God and He will share with us what He wants us to learn each time we read the Bible.

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