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Prayers for Spiritual Warfare

The devil is roaming around freely seeking to destroy all who follow Jesus and to get them on his side. Like I said we are in the middle of a war for our lives and we need to be prepared to face the devil head on with God on our side. Pray these prayers, memorize these verses and use them daily to fight off the attacks of the enemy.

Romans 8:37 -You love Jesus, you follow Jesus and you daily spend time building a relationship with Him. Romans has promised you that you will be conquerors against the devil because He loves us.

Zachariah 4:6 -You can’t defeat the devil by your own power or your own might. You need God on your side, and He has promised to be there through the Spirit. When you feel the devil’s attacks cling to Jesus and allow Him to help you.

1 John 4:4 -From creation on we have become God’s children, we are of God like a child to their parent. When you need help you turn to your parents and they will help if they can. And a mamma will protect their children with all they have. This is the power you have when you choose Jesus. He is greater than anything in this world and He is your Father and will protect you and take care of you as an earthly parent does their children. Go to Him and allow Him to help, don’t face the battles on your own.

Ephesians 6:11-18 -You have been promised armor to go into battle each day against the devil. Each part protecting you like physical armor the soldiers wear to war. Daily put on your armor, go to God in prayer and He will help you defeat the enemy’s attacks. Imagine the armor on when faced with difficulties and trials and overcome each one.

James 4:7 -The best promise the Bible can offer in each battle you will face. Simple trust God; resist the devil and watch him flee. The hardest thing though is to trust and pray. Pray the devil away and ask God into your heart.

2 Corinthians 10:3 -Yes you are human, but the biggest battle is not for your human form but for your soul. But when you choose God, when you daily go to Him in prayer and seek His help and guidance, He will be right by your side using the strongest weapons He has to help you defeat the devil. You serve a mighty God who is stronger than this world, who has overcome this world and who has promised to take you back to Heaven out of this world. Prayer is your strongest weapon.

1 Peter 5:8-9 -Any battle you face you must be always on guard and aware of your surroundings, right? So, knowing the devil seeks daily to destroy anyone’s walk with God and pull them to his side, you have been instructed to be aware at all times and vigilant. Pray, study God’s word, trust and seek God for help in all things. He will help keep you aware and He will help you overcome.

Colossians 2:15 -Who has triumphed? God has, He holds the key to victory. Claim Him in your life each day, pray with Him and He will help you overcome the devil. In the warfare for your life know who God is and how He can and has helped those who follow Him and don’t let the devil deceive you.

Revelation 21:6 -Jesus began the victory on the cross when He shed His blood for your sins. When He took the weight of the world and said I will be their Lamb and I will win and finish this battle. He is the Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End, all who come to Him will be saved. Turn away the thoughts of the devil and claim Jesus today. Pray and never give up, the battle will be won.

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