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Priceless Masterpiece

Psalm 117:2, “Because the Lord loves us very much and his truth is everlasting. Praise the Lord!”

What is your most valuable item? A piece of jewelry? A piece of furniture passed down through several generations?

There is a show called ‘The Antique Roadshow’. People from all over the country take their flea market finds or family heirlooms to be appraised hoping their item is worth a fortune. One of the most expensive items ever featured was a collection of 18th century Chinese cups carved from rhinoceros’ horns. The little set was appraised at $1-1.5 million at auction.

If I held on to a basketball in my hand, would you say it's worth a lot of money? Probably not. What if it was a basketball used by Michael Jordan? Some people may pay a lot for that.

What if I showed you a picture I painted or the one my child made for me? It's not really artsy, maybe not that pretty, but would you buy it? What if I asked you to buy the Mona Lisa or some artwork by a famous artist? You may consider it then. Some are even willing to pay multiplied thousands for it.

My brother-in-law once joked about his cool jacket that he bought for a small amount of money. He was so excited because the jacket was just like Michael Jacksons. Yet, while his jacket only cost a small amount; Michael Jacksons cost hundreds of dollars.

If you wanted to buy a violin, you'd probably spend a few $100 for a good one, right? You may spend a little more if you really want the top-of-the-line violin. My husband and I were visiting the Titanic Museum, and they had one of the violins and its case, that one of the musicians played the night the ship went down. Although he lost his life, they were able to recover the violin still intact, and today it is priced at $1.7 million.

You may wonder what makes the difference, why is something so much more valuable than others of its kind. It all depends on whose hands the item is in. People will pay more just to say they own something by someone famous.

What about people? If I were to ask how much Jennifer Aniston was worth, well, it's in the three-million-dollar range. Or maybe the famous Shaq or Shaquille O'Neal, whose worth is over four million. Oh, let's go a little higher, the president is worth over 9 million. King Charles is worth over 7 million U.S. dollars. We could go on and on forever and name many famous people, but I hope you get the idea.

What about you, or me? What would you say you are worth? I'd say, maybe my collateral and that's about it. But as a person in this world, not a whole lot and no one would pay for me. Maybe to my loved ones and friends I am of worth in their lives, but overall, I am not much in this world.

You may be nodding your head in agreement, knowing the feeling of being so small in a world full of people. Yet, I'm here to tell you different. It's a matter of whose hands you are in. To the world you may not be worth much, but to Jesus you are worth more than anything or any amount of money. You are so precious to Him that He has engraved your name in the palm of His hands- Isaiah 49:16. You are worth everything to Jesus so that He went to the cross for you and gave His life so you could have salvation- Romans 5:8, Isaiah 53:5.

This world has many expensive things to buy, some even priceless. There are many famous people worth a lot of money. To God, you are His pearl, you are priceless.

God is an extraordinary artist. Look at this world He created. From the highest mountains to the deepest ocean. The stars, the flowers, the animals. All are His creation. God only creates masterpieces and everything He does is good and guess what? You and I are also part of His creation, His masterpieces.

He is your Creator; you are one of His works. You are unique, unlike anyone or anything else, you are one-of-a-kind made by God's own hands- Isaiah 43:7.

God just didn't slap you together and call it good. He carefully chose the characteristics you have. From your hair color, eye color, shape and personality He took the time to make you, you. Out of a world of over 7 billion people, He designed and fashioned you to be who you are today. There's only one you and you are priceless.

- You are unique and have been created for a purpose

- God wanted you, imagined you, created you with passion

- You are not a mistake, you are God's choice

- You are not the result of chance… you are the result of His love

- You are a pearl of great price in His hands, a priceless treasure

Psalm 117 reminds us of God's steadfast love for us. God's love never changes towards us, we change as we know Him. We come to God broken and lost, we may be wondering about our value and worth.

God takes us in because we are His priceless treasures, He has redeemed us. Through Jesus’ death, He conquered sin, paying our debt, giving us more value than any trinket or heirloom on this earth.

Whatever scars you bear today, no matter how undervalued others see you as. You can hold your head up high as a child of God through the love of Jesus, you have the gift of salvation and you are God's priceless masterpiece.

What happens when you read the Bible everyday is astonishing. Your life, mind and heart will be transformed. You will find all the answers you need to find joy and happiness; you'll discover your purpose through the depth and closeness you will have with Jesus. So, let's continue allowing God to fill our hearts and minds as we learn how we can be Anchored in Christ and not in idols.

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