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Salt of the Earth

Mark 9:50 “Salt is good, but if the salt loses its salty taste, you cannot make it salty again. So, be full of salt, and have peace with each other.”

Who doesn’t like a little salt with their meals? Why, because salt adds flavoring to food. It brings our other flavors in our food, makes each bite more savory. I myself like salt, especially on my vegetables and potatoes. When we cook our meals, we like to add a good amount of salt too. As much as I enjoy salt my youngest enjoys it more. She has to salt everything even if I already salted it while cooking. She’s even said she could “bathe in it”.

One time I let her season the meal we where cooking and when it was done my taste buds did not like me. She had over salted it so much that after a few pieces my tongue burned as if I was licking a salt rock. She loved it and said it was just right. (Yes, we are good parents and watch her salt intake)

This got me thinking about Jesus when He said in Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth”. What was he saying? Just like we use salt as a savory flavoring for our food when we share Jesus to others, we add a savory flavoring to their lives, we can bring balance and hope.

But sometimes, like my daughter’s meal, we can “over salt” the people around us by pushing religion, faith, the lack of Jesus in their lives. Then we have become ineffective and can leave a burning feeling in their mouth, minds, and hearts.

Jesus used this analogy for Christians. We are the salt of the earth because our lives enhance and give meaning to our life with Jesus in it. Before we found Jesus, we were like grains of sand, plain and dry. Now we have a distinctive taste, texture and aroma.

Jesus further asks, what good is salt once it’s lost its flavor? What good are we as Christians if we lose our gusto and fervor? The answer, very little.

He goes on to tell us that we are the light to this world. A light for Jesus when we share Him with others and the Bible. We can be a light not only through our words but also our actions. In the way we live and act do others see Jesus in us.

Right now our world is going through a crisis and many are having to stay home because of jobs closing and state rules but that doesn't mean we still can share Jesus. Now is the time we need to share Jesus all the more. This is a time we need to help others understand scripture and find hope and faith. It might not be like we are used to because of the rules being set but we can still find a way when we ask Jesus to help show us. Ask Him who needs some savory salt or some new light in these dark hours and He will open your doors. Remember to keep holding onto faith and trust because we serve an awesome God who has promised to be with us through these times.

So, as you go about your day remember the savory seasoning God has called you to be. Will you be bitter or better? Less seasoned or more flavorful? Just enough seasoning or over seasoned? Because in the end, what good am I if I’ve lost my seasoning?

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