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Simple Truths: Fear Has no Grip on Me

"God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid but a spirit of power and love and self-control.” -2 Timothy 1:7

Have you ever played tug of war? Placing your hands on that rope you have to have a firm grip to be able to pull the rope towards you while the other team pulls against you. It takes all your strength to keep the rope coming your way.

Now imagine that tight grip you have on that rope and relate it to any fear you might have. The fear is there and it’s real and sometimes it can have such a hold on you that it’s hard to move forward. Fear of having no friends, fear of losing your job, fear of death, any phobia that might render you with fear. They are out there, and they are real. There is one other fear we might have, the fear of the end times when Jesus comes back to take us home to heaven. We know that right before Jesus returns there will be a time of hardship and persecution. God’s people will be attacked, and you might just have to stand up for your God even if it costs you everything even your life. I’m not going to lie, it’s scary to me and I sometimes worry about it.

No matter our fears, we need to remember one thing. God is not the one who gives us the spirit of fear, Satan does. Satan will try anything to keep us from leaning on God for help even if it means putting fear in our hearts. If we fear what is to come, we might decide following God isn’t worth what might happen to us. If we sit in fear about our life and what might or might not happen, we lose our focus on God because we’re too busy thinking about the fears.

Satan and God are in a tug of war for our soul both pulling us towards them. The difference is God is not pulling in a way to hurt us, He is allowing us to make our own choices. But His grip is still on the rope and He won’t let go. As much as we go to Him in prayer, He is in prayer over our hearts that we can resist the devil and allow Him in. Allow His grip to overcome the fears that devil tries to throw at us. It’s time we don’t allow Satan any room of movement in our lives, don’t allow his grip to control you. Let Jesus instead into your heart and let Him take those fears away. Yes, we might face hard times, but a home in heaven forever with Jesus is worth anything this world can throw at us fears and all. Let Jesus in today and defeat that serpent once and for all.

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