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Tea and Crumpets

James 4:8 “Come near to God, and God will come near to you. You sinners, clean sin out of your lives. You who are trying to follow God and the world at the same time, make your thinking pure.”

Almost every little girl has played with a tea set, while dressing up, and almost every daddy has sat down with their little girl pretending to drink delicious tea.

What do you imagine when I say “teatime”? Maybe you picture ladies all dressed up with their fancy hats and gloves enjoying friendships and pleasant chatter over a steeping pot of hot tea and little cookies and finger sandwiches. The dishes are of fine silver and beautiful china, reminding us all of a simpler time.

Teatime originated it in England with Anna, the Duchess of Bedford. Back in the 19th century people ate a big breakfast, had a light lunch and then ate late in the evening. This in turn caused hunger well before dinner and Anna decided a small meal in her room would help satisfy that hunger. Soon she would invite friends to share in this time and England soon adapted it into polite society.

Anna's initial idea was to satisfy her hunger, but soon all of England found, this time of adding beautiful china and good friends brought nourishment to the soul. Thus, turning teatime into a time to enrich and brighten every day with friendship and a moment to pause.

Tea time is not observed much anymore but the tradition of tea and cakes can still be beneficial to us all. Taking a pause during the day can reestablish a peace in our lives. It can be a time to repair our frayed nerves and restore order to a stressful day. Shared conversations with friends can slow us down giving us time to focus on being, instead of doing.

Even if the only friend we have the time to talk to is Jesus we can be greatly blessed. This is a time to put a pause in the morning and reflect and refocus when we can put any negativity behind us whether it be from a coworker or missed opportunity or maybe from being too busy and getting behind. We can think back on how we’d used the early part of the day, with our words and actions. By afternoon the pressures of the day begin to weigh on us, our energy has lost some power, and the nourishment we found in God that morning isn't as strong.

What better time to find renewed strength from the stress of the day, when we are weary, than having “tea” with God. In the middle of the afternoon find peace in the life the Lord has given you. Find beauty and comfort in the people around you and create a few moments away from the workday and let God fill you with His presence. All day add praise and thanksgiving, but like a cookie and a few sips of tea can satisfy your hunger, allow a time for Jesus to also fill your soul and give you the boost to finish your day. Even a simple quick prayer can create those moments.

Like the little girls are happy with daddies, or those in England. Find some teatime and spend it with your best friend, Jesus.

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