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Tiny Objects- Big Power

“The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters; The wellspring of wisdom is a flowing brook.”

-Proverbs 18:4

A nail in the tire, a pebble in a shoe, a Lego, a pinch of salt, one match, a paintbrush. These tiny objects can have great power or influence good and bad.

No one wants a nail in their tire because it will cause it to go flat or a pebble in the shoe hurts. But in the right hands one Lego added to more Lego’s can become large structures for kids’ imaginations. Or salt can add just the right flavor to any dish. In the right hands one match can start a fire to warm our home or light a candle, but in the wrong hands can burn an entire forest down. Paintbrushes used for graffiti or destruction of property is bad, but in a painter’s, hand can create beautiful masterpieces.

It’s amazing how something so small can do such big things. In the book of James, we learn about something else small, yet it can either wield destruction or become a great influence, our tongues.

So many people don’t realize how powerful their words can be to others. In just a word we can destroy friendships, relationships, someone’s love and walk with God. Or with our words we can become a great influence of the great God we serve. We can bring hope to a broken heart, we can encourage others.

With just words God spoke the world into existence, Moses parted the Red Sea, Jesus healed, Lazarus was raised from the dead, great power of influence. But it was also just words that brought great destruction. Satan’s lie to Eve, Peter denying Jesus, King Saul’s demise, Samson’s loss of strength.

Something so small yet great power good or bad. James also goes on a little deeper. We should not use our words to praise God and then curse people (they too are made by God). It’s called being double-tongued. To glorify God, uplift God means we have a relationship with God and when we have that, how can we spew hate, curses and other things?

I love James’ examples that he uses to help us understand. A fig tree can’t grow grapes and saltwater from the ocean can’t be lake water. We can’t serve two masters. We either serve God or the devil and if we are serving God our words need to speak it. Yes, you will fall, misspeak at times but as long as we are moving towards Jesus, He will help our words become more of a good influence rather than destructive.

Are you taming your tongue today?

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