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Tossed About

Ephesians 2:10, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

There is a place in Upper Michigan called Pictured Rocks. Along the shoreline for miles there are huge, tall stone walls that have formed over time. Miles high from the water’s edge before the land begins that you can walk on. They are met day after day with crashing waves of Lake Superior against their surface. Each wave filled with sand and rocks continually beating against the towering walls, silently washing against the undercuts of the stone, and taking it back to the water more and more eroding the hard surface. Then suddenly without notice another blow to the walls and more of the rocks come crashing down into the water forming new sediment and a new look at the rocks. (You can click the link to watch this happening and a few pictures we took while visiting them). Although it may seem destructive and you do not want to be near the wall as more rocks fall, the results after the dust settles are these beautiful intricate designs we can enjoy looking at.

There is another force of nature that results in something beautiful. Trees that grow at the timberline, a harsh remote setting. The trees flow with extra resins that are a result of the severe winds and snowstorms at the timberline. They then produce a grain of wood that has a rare and desirable texture. This wood is sought by violin makers because it produces the finest quality and resonance. This choice wood is because of the fierce storms, short growing season, and whipping winds and makes the perfect wood needed.

We are not exempt from endless wear and tear in our lives that produces faults and cracks. Yet, we are still God’s creation molded by His hands. All the stresses and changes we face become tools God uses to help shape our lives for His purpose. When we are shaped by the Master, we will become something beautiful that will resonate His presence in our lives. All of our different experiences, when given to God, transform us into God’s work of art and He will help us learn how we can serve Him best and live the best life with Him abiding in our hearts.

We may have some rough edges, hard hearts, or a stubborn will but that won’t keep Jesus away. He promised us the Holy Spirit to work in us through all the forces of nature (sin) thrown at us. The end result will be perfect, like God intended, and we will uniquely stand with others as one with God but individually ourselves.

Let's all commit our lives to the Lord and trust Him to help take care of us through all the good and bad, ups and downs. Let the Lord mold you as you're tossed about, let Him give you strength and make you wiser and allow Him to use you in His great plan.

I hope you have been enjoying 1 Thessalonians as we read through the chapters and allow the Lord to show us some new things, maybe refresh some things we have learned, and that you have been able to grow stronger with Jesus in your heart and life. Reading the Bible is wonderful and helps us understand more about the God we serve and His great love for us. When we take time each day with Him we are guaranteed to be find hope and blessings. Today let's continue our study with 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

Study 5, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18-

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