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A Balanced Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle does not mean exercising intensely all the time to lose weight and be fit, it does not mean changing your diet to something you will not enjoy, it also doesn’t mean just reading the Bible here and there and a few conversations with God. God’s balanced lifestyle for us all simply means doing little activities that get our bodies moving and heart pumping. It means daily adding things to our diets that are healthier and nutritious. It means daily reading His word and talking with Him as a friend throughout the day. We only need to learn to create a healthy balance in all areas of our lives. Put God at the top and everything else will fall into place.

Let’s start with something we all like - WATER. Drinking water each day can add so many benefits to your body. Here are just some to name a few.

-Helps weigh loss -Helps give healthy skin

-Relieves Fatigue -Helps with digestion and constipation

-Helps relieve headaches & migraines -Regulates body temperature

-Improves the immune system -Reduces the risk of skin cancer

-Solves bad breath -Improves mood

There are times though water just doesn’t taste good or you drink it so much you just want something different. That’s okay, just watch how much you drink of other things. Check your juices and the sugar content, know pop is bad for you in large amounts and is full of unhealthy sugars. And if you drink something other than water don’t forget your water too.

For me I like to drink juice at meal time. Orange juice or Welch’s Grape Juice for breakfast and I really enjoy the V8 Splash Fusions. If you want to enhance your water with flavors, try adding fruit to the glass or freeze some fruit in ice cubes and add that to your water. Change it up now and again and you will enjoy drinking water a whole lot more.

And yes, you can have a pop or two now and again, but I learned from experience when I was a heavy pop drinker how bad it becomes for your body. In most cases it can cause kidney infections or worse yet, kidney stones. So, just be on the safe side of drinking pop and drink moderately or better yet, none at al

I am not here to say I am great at all these ideas and do them all but like you I try each day to be just a little healthier than the last. I don’t always succeed but that doesn’t mean I give up. So just for this week try to drink at least one glass of water each day and eight if you can.

As for exercising we can start simple with that too. Take a simple walk to the end of your driveway and back a couple times if the weather permits it. If not, simple take a walk around the inside of your home a couple times. Just get the heart rate pumping a little and you will feel refreshed.

Have a wonderfully blessed day and know someone out there is thinking about you hoping you're day is going great!

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