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A Bubble Break

“Give all your worries to him, because he cares about you.” -1 Peter 5:7

Bubbles, bubbles, I like to play with bubbles. Jesus must like pretty things, that’s why He made the bubbles.

This is a little jingle I sang with my cradle roll kids over the years in church. We would sing and blow bubbles while the chased and popped them. The pure joy of their faces and honest laughter always brought a smile to my face.

There is just something about blowing bubbles and the joy a child has chasing, popping, and catching them that becomes infectious to us all and we can’t help but smile. When my children were younger we had a fan that could turn up to circulate the air. I remember one afternoon with my youngest, who was four at the time, taking the bubbles and letting the fan blow so many bubbles through the living room. We smiled and laughed at her attempts to catch them or let them land on her. It made for a very entertaining time.

Thinking about bubbles made me realize that we all need a bubble break now and then. Life is hard and so many difficulties cross our paths along the way that it’s easy to become burdened down and overwhelmed, maybe even sad. But no matter how old or young you are bubbles are fun and the joy infectious (can you imagine if we all took a bubble break at least once at our workplace).

Then I got thinking how each or our burdens could be represented by each bubble. When we give our troubles to Jesus He can make them feel lighter or sometimes just disappear like the bubbles do when they pop. Like the bubbles that rise upward, let your burdens float up to Jesus.

So next time you feel overwhelmed take a bubble break. Find your inner joy like the innocent children who will chase those bubbles until they pop the entire time laughing. Like the jingle says, Jesus must like pretty things…. and nothing is prettier than His children smiling and finding joy. Have you had your bubble break today?

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