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Christian Rules of Speech: Share Wisdom

“Good people speak with wisdom, and they say what is fair.” -Psalm 37:30

What is wisdom? Do you feel you are wise? Do you know anyone you would call wise and possibly look up to them or go to them for advice? Have you ever read the definition for wisdom? It simply says: the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgment.

Well, if I never thought myself wise before, I should now. We all have experience in something, our job, being married, having children, even our religion. We all have knowledge. We’ve been through school, we’ve lived life, we’ve all gathered some knowledge. Hopefully we all have good judgment. Sure, we’ve used bad judgment a few times in life but overall, we all should be making good decisions.

So, now that we’ve established we don’t have to be Einstein’s to have wisdom and we all are wise, what are we to do? Simple, as Christians we need to share wisdom. Not in a know-it-all way but in a kind way. Get excited about Jesus and share what you’ve learned. Someone might already know what you’re saying others might not. But when you share with excitement they will get excited too. The more we share our knowledge, our experiences the more the gospel spreads and Jesus can come more quickly. Also, when we share wisdom we can possibly help someone who needs encouragement or a faith boost or just to know they’re not alone.

Jesus tells us to go into the world and share the good news. So, what are you waiting for, share some wisdom today.

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