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Deep Roots

Matthew 13:20-21 “And what is the seed that fell on rocky ground? That seed is like the person who hears the teaching and quickly accepts it with joy. But he does not let the teaching go deep into his life, so he keeps it only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the teaching he accepted, he quickly gives up.”

I've always enjoyed the parable of the seeds. Jesus explained this one very clearly and growing up a Christian I have seen these “seeds” play out in other Christians and sometimes even myself.

There is a story of a reporter who wanted to interview a farmer who had seemed to be having a very fruitful year. His crops had grown quite tall and lush.

“My crops are especially vulnerable right now,” the farmer told the reporter.

The reporter was thrown off as he was expecting a simple interview about the wonderful abundance of crops and how it would provide such an economic boom for the community come harvest time.

“Even a short drought could have a devastating effect,” the farmer continued.

Surprised the reporter asked why? Especially since the crops looked so good.

The farmer explained that even though we see rain as a benefit, during the rainy times the plants are not required to push their roots deep in search of water. With the roots at the surface the plants are unprepared for drought. There was also the danger of sudden strong windstorms. With a shallow root structure, a strong wind could wipe the plants out in minutes.

So many things come to mind when I read this short story. Let's start with our opening text. Jesus had just finished the parable of the seeds and was explaining them. The story of the farmers plans reminded me of the seed that fell on rocky ground. Those who hear God's Word and receive it happily and are ready to serve the Lord teaching God's Word to others. They seem to grow quickly and come across strong and like they would be a great servant for spreading the good news. They were enjoying the abundance of rain. Because of the joy they didn't allow the roots to grow deep, everything was working on the surface. Like plants not rooted deep in the dirt a person who keeps their roots on the surface that have any trials or tribulations that come will uproot them and they give up and many times turned back to their lives as they were before they accepted Jesus.

On the surface it's easy to be filled with Jesus through praise services, fellowship with other believers, Bible study and prayer circles. What happens when stress and trials enter the Christian lives. They lose faith, leave God, or believe God to be unfaithful. This happens when their roots have never pushed below the surface.

When there is an abundance of rain the crops have no need to dig deep in the ground but when there are days of dry and sun in between periods of rain the plants must depend on going deeper to reach the needed nutrients. It's like that with Christians. When our lives are going good and there seems to be no trials, we lose the need of depending on Jesus to help us through. As we face trials and things the devil throws at us, we have to dig deeper in Jesus to help see us through and shield us from the evil one.

There will be times of abundance in our lives and there will be lows we have to face. The lesson we can learn from the farmer and the parable of the seeds is that the only way to get through life is to allow our roots to grow deeper in Jesus. Praise God during the good but don't neglect to still spend time in the Bible, in prayer, and growing in Jesus so that when the winds come you will be able to withstand and hold your ground. Today spend more time in the Lord… in the Word… and on your knees allowing your roots to grow deep with Jesus.

We are going to continue our study through Colossians and if you haven't joined us yet, now is as perfect as any time. It's when we take time each day to study deeper into the Bible that Jesus will be planted deeper in our hearts. If you want to join the study lessons I've provided you can find them in my previous blogs or you can join us today with this lesson. We will be reading Colossians chapter 3 and the short lesson link follows this.

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