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Fairy Penguins

1 Peter 3:8, “Finally, all of you should be in agreement, understanding each other, loving each other as family, being kind and humble.”

If you live in Australia, you might be able to witness something wonderful in God's creation. It is the nightly routine of Fairy Penguins returning to their rocks and the sand dunes.

These penguins are the smallest penguins and can swim for days or weeks fishing for food. The Fairy Penguins usually return at dusk and as the waves roll onto the shore they come sputtering out onto the sand. They move quickly and they are soon huddled into one big group and then quickly make a dash across the open sand to their home in the dunes. Working together they hop over obstacles and move around any hurdles as they make their way across the known path to home and safety.

As with most penguins, the Fairy Penguins mate for life. Like you greet your spouse when they arrive home, Fairy Penguins, when they reach their “front doors” greet their mate with a kiss. What's cute about these penguins is how they are social birds like we are social beings. After the initial greeting with their mate, the penguins move down the path as if to say hello to their neighboring penguins. Throughout the day one can see clusters of four, six, or eight penguins “chattering” for a while before moving on. By dark, they have all made it to their homes in the rocks where they have dinner (feed their young) and then spend a quiet night.

The next day, the mate who just returned stays behind to guard the home while the other mate goes to sea. As before, the penguins huddle together and head to the sea. They hurl themselves through the waves and then regroup past the surface, form a raft like structure that will float them out to sea in search of food.

We can learn a thing or two from these little creatures God created. To begin with, they show us how to work together in our own families. Responsibilities should not only fall on one person. When everyone pitches in there is more harmony and the family functions better. Notice how the penguins rotate on gathering the food while the others stay behind, and they always greet each other with a kiss.

Another thing is unity. The penguins are little, about a foot high, and danger can await them around every corner. They don't attempt to face the beach alone, they huddle together and run to safety. It is harder for satan to break through large groups of Christians that are supporting each other, than just going after one. That's why he waited for Eve to be alone apart from Adam before he lured her in with lies. Even once at sea, the penguins group together to help carry them further out to find food.

Lastly, look how friendly the penguins are. They go along greeting their friends and are seen “talking” in groups. We are not meant to be alone; we need friends, we need support. Together we can all grow stronger in Jesus. The Penguins unlike seagulls show us we live together in peace.

The Fairy Penguins have given us a beautiful image of how God wants us to live with each other in unity. Let's all try to greet each day as cheerfully as the Fairy Penguins.

God’s words are settled in Heaven; His words are settled down here—if you allow them to be. The Holy Spirit works around the clock trying to get you to settle the Word of God in your mind and spirit so you can go on to do the work of God, do what He wants you to do. You will not make a great worker for the Lord if you don’t settle in your heart the will of God, the greatness and promises of God for you. Believe His will for you, settle it. The Word is settled in every heart who will give over to it. Today we are going to do something a little different and study in Romans. Read the verses and let the Lord lead you and guide you as He shows us how we should live with each other and in doing so it will help us become more Christlike. Today’s study will be Romans 12:9-21

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