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From Our Hearth to Yours

" Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!" - 2 Corinthians 9:15

To all my faithful readers and supporters I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. It's a wonderful time of year to spend with family and remember all our loved ones. My prayers are with you all as you enter the new year and my the Lord bless you and your families with many blessings.

As you gather around your homes this Christmas Eve may you all take a few moments to put the usual holiday festivities aside and remember how this all began on the night so long ago in a stable. It was because of Jesus' choice to come to this earth we now have the choice of forgiveness and salvation.

What is Christmas- By D.S. Wells

Christmas is the sparkle of joy,

With each child's new toy.

It's a time for giving and sharing,

And for forgiving and caring.

Christmas means decking the halls,

With many colorful balls.

It's a time for lots of shopping,

Until you're literally dropping.

But Christmas is not all fun and games,

Guessing your secret friends name.

Not it's more....

It's a time to set aside life's joys and merriness,

And fill it with hope and gladness.

As the story of Jesus' birth is revealed to us,

We will not make a fuss.

For we will learn,

Of His soon promised return.

Christmas is also a time with family,

Where no one acts to manly.

It's a time to enjoy home baked cookies,

Where everyone's a rookie.

Also where a homemade present,

Is just as good as a store bought present.

Christmas is a time for laughter and songs,

Around the piano that always play wrong.

Yes, Christmas is truly a time of hope.

Hope of the next year where family will once again meet.

Then ever so soon, Christmas will be spent at Jesus' feet.

Again, have a wonderful season and we we enter 2019, remember what Jesus has done for you and your family and seek to do His will. Which includes salvation for all mankind. Do your best to walk with Jesus in prayer and be a light to all who come into your path.

See you in 2019 when we will begin the blogs again!

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