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God's Rainbow

Psalm 27:13 “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

I’m so glad God did not create a world of only black and white. It would be rather sad and dreary. But, we serve an amazing God who created a world of colors, from your basic colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple to everything in-between. It’s not just color for our enjoyment God has woven color though-out scripture to paint a bigger picture.

Let’s start with red. The red of delicious apples in the fall, red cardinals in the winter, robin red-breasts in the spring and red roses in summer. So rich, so elegant and so very appealing to the eyes. God wove red into our lives to help us remember that God has the ability to take our sins and purify them through the blood Jesus shed for our sins -1 John 1:7-8. Red can also remind us of God’s love for each of us. We use red for hearts and valentines for our loved ones. As strong as we feel about those we love, God’s love for us is so much greater.

How about orange? I think of orange oranges and carrots. Leaves changing color in the fall and harvest time, even the flames of a fire. God has woven orange into our lives to show us that He not only is the all-consuming fire (presence of God)- Hebrews 12:29, but that He has given us the Holy Spirit to help sanctify us. Like a silversmith uses fire to purge the dross in the precious metal the Lord uses the Holy Spirit to address sin in Christians and help grow them in the grace of God- Psalm 66:10, 2 Peter 3:18. It also can remind us of God’s power and that He will come and harvest His people from this world -Revelation 14:15-16.

Yellow, although not as popular, is an awesome color God uses. Yellow lemons, yummy bananas and of course the beautiful sun. Created to bring light and warmth during the day. Yellow can show excitement, pleasure and creativity. It’s exciting to see how God has woven yellow into our lives as a reminder that Jesus is the light of the world -1 John 1:5-7. Since the creation of light by day we are reminded that when we walk with Jesus we won’t be in darkness. That’s exciting news for me to hear! How about you?

Green possibly could have been one of God’s favorite colors as we see it several times in scripture. All of which points to life and health. Green grass, green leaves, green apples. Rest in green pastures -Psalm 23:2. Trust in Jesus and thrive like a green leaf -Proverbs 11:28. Follow Jesus and bear fruit in old age and stay fresh and green -Psalm 92:14. When we watch spring come with all the green it brings it also reminds us of new life and that is what we have when we choose Jesus.

Blue is a popular color. The blue skies, blue water, blue birds, even blueberries. Blue can bring joy and tranquility and even inspire friendship. When God wove blue into our world He was showing us that He is the Living Water -John 4:14. Just like we drink physical water we can drink from Jesus and be filled spiritually. God also wove blue into the sky so when we look up we are reminded of heaven and that Jesus is the Son of God -Luke 9:35, Romans 1:4.

Lastly let’s look at purple, personally my favorite color. Flowers with shades of purple, especially dark purple, are so rich and vibrant. Purple is talked about in scripture many times referring to fine clothes or linen used by priests or in homes of royalty. Purple is majestic. Purple is elegant. God wove purple into our lives so we can be reminded that Jesus is our royal priest, the King of Kings -Revelation 19:6.

What is even more exciting is what God created when He puts the colors together. He made the beautiful rainbow. Given to this earth after the flood, as a promise to Noah and all of his descendants, that He will never destroy the earth again with a flood it has been passed on to all of us to see. After the storms come and go, the skies are lit with the rainbow to remind us of God’s love and mercy. We will all get to see the rainbow once again in its completion in heaven, above God’s throne. Once again showing God’s love for us and reminding us that the storms of man’s sin, Satan’s rage and God’s judgment has ended earth’s history and we are now made new with God because of His mercy on us, who have chosen to follow Him and put our faith in Him.

Studying how colors and the Bible have been woven together by God can be fun and help us grow spiritually closer to God because we can begin to understand Him more. On your own take some time and make a study with colors and scripture and see what new things you can learn about God. God took the time in creating the perfect world with so much for us to enjoy and He took pleasure in creating them. I’m glad for all the colors we can see making this world so much more enjoyable. Even on those sad, rainy days we can dive into some uplifting colors and make the day cheerier. I’m glad God thought about all our senses when He created the world and then you and me, senses that can always be amazed at the great God we serve who takes time in each detail of our lives from food to colors to everything in-between. Go ahead and grab a box of crayons today and paint your rainbow.

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