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Numbers 6:24-26 “May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord show you his kindness and have mercy on you. May the Lord watch over you and give you peace.”’

A phrase we use each day with our family, our pets, our friends, our coworkers, even just people passing by in the store or on the street. It's a pleasant phrase and shows others we're happy to be in another day. It's a polite phrase that can warm someone’s heart just by hearing it. Today let's have some fun and look at the phrase a little deeper.

G- Get up

The first step in having a good morning is getting our tired selves out of bed. It can be enjoyable when you think about it. You've hopefully had a good night's sleep and the Lord has awakened you to another day of life. He kept you through the night and is saying ‘Here's another day, a clean slate, a new chance to get things done’. So, get up and see what the Lord can do today.

O- Open Your heart

A new day, a clean slate, an opportunity to once again hear the Lord's leading, to serve Him and try your best to live like Him. Any hurts you're holding on to, anyone you haven't forgiven or let in? Today, open your heart, let the Holy Spirit in. Put the past or even yesterday behind you and let the new day fill your life with new chances and new opportunities.

O- Open your mind

To open your heart, you also have to open your mind. Be willing to learn new things, discover new ideas not only from scripture and God but also from others around you. Today, decide to hear someone out completely and maybe let them teach you something new. As long as we walk with God and keep our minds open in accordance with the Bible, we will become more enriched each day.

D- Dedicate your day to God

A simple morning prayer written by Ellen G. White: ‘Make me Lord's wholly Thine, I lay all my plans at Thy feet. Use me in your service. Abide in me and let all my works be formed in Thee’. It's God who gives us each day, every breath. Yes, we still have our jobs, our family, our homes to be active in. But when we dedicate our day to God, He will help us use that time wisely in a way that helps serve Him, even if it's our free time. Let your day begin with God and let Him lead in all our ways.

M- Meditate on God's word

Nothing starts the day off on the right foot better than spending time in God's word. Take some time in the morning and feed your heart and mind. Let God nourish you to get you through your day and let Him inspire you.

O- Optimize your faith and hope

Faith in God's leading, hope in God's promised salvation gets us through each day. Find ways to put your faith and hope into practice. Share your faith and hope with others. Set out each day knowing that no matter what you face or go through you will hold onto faith and hope.

R- Rebuke all evils

This world is full of darkness and it's only getting worse. Satan has brought so much evil into the hearts of so many in the world making the sin seem good and right. Hold fast to what you've learned in scripture and cling to Jesus, rebuking the evils you know and the ones that may cross your path.

N- Never doubt God's love

God is love, God created each of us, we are His children. There will be trials and sorrows. Days we struggle and hurt. But, as our parent, God loves us without end, no strings attached. We will stumble, we will fall, and we will sin. We are not perfect; we have a past. Above all that, never doubt God's love. Go into each day with assurance that God loves you even when the days are bad ones.

I - Inspire someone

This is easy to do. We want to be happy; we enjoy when others are inspirational or uplifting. So, let's set out each day to be that way with others. Remember the saying, ‘If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.’ If you have some people like that in your life, try harder to find a way to inspire them or simply walk away. First try to think of ways to be an inspiration to at least one person and set out to do just that.

N- Nothing should scare you

This rings true with scripture. No matter what lay ahead of you, you can face it with full confidence when you go forward with God because God is bigger than anything in this world and has promised to go with you. There may be times nerves take over or your knees get a little shaky. Go forward anyway because if God has brought you to it, He will see you through it.

G- Go out with joy

So, now you've that you’ve awakened and gotten up. You've opened your mind and heart. You've put scripture before you and have claimed Jesus in your life. It's time now to put on that smile, carry sunshine in your heart and go out and conquer the day with Jesus. Do your part and let Him do the rest.

Go out with joy and have a GOOD MORNING!

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. We've been experiencing both days of rain and days of extreme heat already but crops are growing and God is working in all our lives. We have now finished our study through Ephesians and are going to start a new book of the Bible, Philippians. For those who have joined me, I hope you have been blessed. For those new, we have been going through the books of Bible with studies to download and follow or just reading on your own. I hope each chapter you have read has given you new insights and new inspirations from God. Let's begin this study with Philippians chapter 1, the study is in the link below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and if you'd like take a few more minutes to look around or click on my other links, God bless.

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