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Guide to Prayer

Grab your Bible: Nehemiah 8:10- The best thing about scripture is that it has all the answers you need. When you’re happy- delight in God’s word. When you’re sad- find hope in God’s word. When you’re weak- find strength in God’s word. Direction, promises, forgiveness- seek God’s word and find the answers.

Find a Quiet Place: Mark 1:35- Why does God say pray in a closet? Does He really mean go to a closet? No, He means find a quiet place. A place where there are no distractions. A place where it can be you and God talking one on one. Jesus daily went to a quiet place to pray and meet God. So, find your quiet place, tune out distractions and go to God.

Call His Name: Jeremiah 29:12- When you want advice or a listening ear or you want to share something exciting, you usually call your mom, right? Maybe you’ll go to your best friend. You go to them because you know they’ll listen, and they’ll have good advice. God is the same way. You can know that no matter what you’re going through good or bad, you can call Jesus’ name and He promises to listen.

Seek Forgiveness: Acts 3:19- First and foremost before seeking God in anything you need a clean heart. How can you ask God to take care of you, direct you, help you when you know you have unforgiven sins? Whether as little as using your time ideally to big sins, ask God’s forgiveness. God already knows, but acknowledging your sins helps you remember the need of God in your life and it is freeing.

Ask for Help: Hebrews 4:16- Do you need help making a decision, maybe help solving a problem? You might need help dealing with family, your spouse, even children. Maybe you need help forgiving someone. No matter what help you need, Jesus will help you. You only need to go to Him and listen for the help and then accept it no matter how it comes.

Be Thankful: 1 Thessalonians 5:18- Are you breathing? Are you clothed, have food for today? Do you have a source of income coming into your home? Have you thanked Jesus yet? When you pray, remember to be thankful. I heard once this question, “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked Jesus for yesterday?” It’d be a sad thing to wake up to nothing because you forgot to be grateful. You like when others thank you right? So, be thankful to Jesus because all you have come from His blessings and grace.

Ask For…Psalm 143:1- It’s so nice when you ask for things when you’re out to eat or maybe shopping and you get them, isn’t it? It’s the job of an employee to please the customer within reason, right? Well, God wants to please us as much as we want to please Him. He even likes when we ask for things. So, take some time in your prayer to ask for things, for you, for friends and family, for anyone. Allow God the opportunity to answer your prayers.

Be Quiet- Psalm 1:2- There are times we should talk with God and times we need to just sit and be silent. When you talk with a friend you like to be heard as much as they like to talk. So, talk with Jesus like that. He wants to share wonderful things with you as He would a friend, but if you do all the talking and then go about your day, you will miss what He has to say too. So, take a few moments in your prayers and just be still, be quiet and listen. Open your heart and let God in.

And finally….Repeat daily- Repetition, repetition, repetition. You cannot find that walk with God if you don’t take the time with Him. Repeat daily your prayers and grow in Jesus and with Jesus.

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