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Have an Attitude of Gratitude

“I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart. I will tell all the miracles you have done.”

-Psalm 9:1

God is in the business of daily blessing us not bringing on pain and hurt, we know who that comes from. With all His blessings and the choice Jesus made at the cross, we should have nothing more than a heart full of gratitude. Even in our bad days or times of low, we should be thankful God is with us taking care of us and Jesus is busy readying heaven for us.

The more we find ways to be thankful the more we learn to appreciate and love Jesus. The more the world fades the brighter God becomes. As we end this devotional, I want to try something hopefully you’ll enjoy. Grab a pen and your calendar for the next month or something you can hang on your fridge. For the next 30 days lets all have an attitude of gratitude. I am writing a list for each day of something we can be grateful for. When you see it each day simply say, “Thank you Jesus for…”

A smell you smell today A holiday

Some kind of technology Type of texture

A color An ability

What food today A sight today

A sound A season, bonus why

Something in nature Something about your body

A memory Knowledge of something

A book A piece of art

A special place Something you can feel

A taste Someone in your life

A song A challenge you’re facing

A story, bonus why A moment this week

A tradition A form of expression

A small thing you use daily A small thing that happened

What friend or family member What talent or skill you have

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Hi Delaina! I love the simple yet important examples you give for us to be grateful for. Thank you for reminding us. 💗


I love this so much. We are always asking God for things. We absolutely cannot forget to give him thanks as well. Thank you for the reminder!!


This is beautiful. The more thankful and grateful I am, the more I can see Jesus and His Spirit moving around me. Beautiful post! ❤

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