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Hedges of Thorns or The Highway

Updated: May 10, 2018

With all the graduations happening this time of year I was inspired to write this blog for not only the graduates but for us all as we go through ups and downs in life.

"You must hold on, so you can do what God wants and receive what he has promised."

-Hebrews 10:36

My daughter joked once as she was into her high school years, 'Graduating 8th grade was the worse mistake I made'. She, of course, was referring to the reality of high school. Academics became more challenging and her eyes were opened to many things that, as a child, she innocently missed. Then of course she graduated 12th grade and the new phrase entered our home, 'I don't feel like adulting today'.

Once a child graduates life does begin as big decisions are made. What do I want to do in life, what college is best for me? Now I have to have a job to pay my expenses. The list goes on and on and they begin to realize what being an adult is and obstacles begin to get in the way.

And the older one gets it doesn't get any easier. New obstacles always present themselves in our jobs, our families, our relationships. Many times I still feel like saying, "I don't feel like adulting today, can I go color and play with my friends instead?"

No matter where we're at in life we will face obstacles. It now becomes a matter of how we deal with the obstacles. A hedge of thorns or the highway?

Have you ever tried going through a hedge of thorns? I don't recommend it. We had a new chicken who ran and hid in one of our big bushes of small trees and thorns. I was crazy enough to go after it in fear of it getting hurt or lost since it was new to our home. I maneuvered about but got poked and scraped along the way and never was able to catch the chicken until it got close to the coop and away from the bushes.

What about the highway? Isn't it nice to cruise along the road when there's no traffic. The ride is smooth and getting to your destination happens rather quickly. There is no hedge of thorns hindering your path.

When you let any obstacle prevent you from moving forward it's as if you're facing a hedge of thorns, impossible and painful, might as well stop now. You could stop but then you're not allowing God to lead your path. But when you allow God to lead your highway, any obstacle can be faced and overcome. You say I want to go to this college but it's expensive...Lord your way is the highway. I want to be a musician but have little talent...Lord your way is the highway. I want to be a teacher but fail at math...Lord your way is the highway. Are we getting the idea?

God has a plan for our lives and when He reveals the plan and we see obstacles, we have to trust His plan and that He will take care of the thorns and open up the highway. Only you can build the obstacles but when you put your faith in God, He can tear them down.

Goliath; big obstacle but David knew God would take care of him with a single stone. A flood; big obstacle but Noah trusted enough to build a big boat even among the naysayers. Paul and Silas jailed; yes an obstacle but they still sang and praised God and He opened the prison doors.

No matter big or small never let your obstacles becomes your failures. God has bigger plans for you that will overcome those obstacles.

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