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My Jesus Is Enough

Psalm 16:5 NLT, "Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine."

How many of us have said this before, “If we only knew…”

If we only knew what tomorrow was going to bring would we do things different today. If we only knew the last time we hugged our grandparents it would be the last time, would we hug them a little longer and listen to their stories a little longer? If we only knew we’d lose our job, would we spend our money a little wiser? If we only knew something would happen to our spouse while they were out and about, would we say “I love you” a few more times? If we only knew we’d lose our home and have to move, would we care a little less about our material things and focus more on our family? If we knew something was going to happen to our child, would we hang on a little tighter and longer?

It has been said we can’t live in the past or change it; it’s already come and gone. We can’t live in tomorrow for it hasn’t happened yet. All we have is today and what we can do with it. So how will you spend your time?

Each time I say goodbye to my husband and son when they leave for work, I have to leave them in the Lord’s hands, as they work with dangerous electrical things. If something were to happen to them, is my Jesus enough?

All my children are adults, driving, have jobs, lives of their own, and spend time out with their friends. I have to entrust them in the Lord’s hands when they step out of this home. If anything were to happen to them, is my Jesus enough.

Over the last couple of years, we have lost many loved ones and friends and we have all faced some difficult trials and have had to make decisions that change our course in life. Can we say, my Jesus is enough?

There are things in life that will always be unexpected. Sometimes they can be good things, like a raise at your job, a new friend you never expected to meet. Maybe a surprise visit from family, or a promotion. Sometimes things come unexpectedly, and they are not so good, like losing our job, a death of someone close to you, having to move somewhere new.

When good things happen it’s easy to praise God, easy to rejoice, it’s easy to say my Jesus is enough, but what do we do when the unexpected is not so nice? How do we handle things when they don’t look good for us? In those times can we say my Jesus is enough?

We serve a powerful God. Someone who not only created this world by just speaking the words, but out of love He also created mankind. He molded us with His hands and breathed His life into us. He did not create us to feel pain and sadness, sin gave us such burdens. God still loves us; He wants us to experience joys and laughter. He loves us so much that even through all this sin He is standing by our side holding us through the tears, and laughing with us through the joys. Why? Because one day He wants to reunite with each one of us and take us to live with Him. Yes friends, with a friend like that how can there be a question, my Jesus is enough.

So why is Jesus not enough for people today? I asked someone very close to me, if they were to lose everything, their family, their home, their job, would Jesus be enough? Their response was one of the best I’ve heard. They said, “Who else could I turn to?”

Who else could they turn to indeed? A God who created us, loves us, takes care of us. A God who knows the beginning and the end. There is no one better to turn to, there’s nothing better that can heal the void. I am the clay; He is my Potter. I am the branch; He is my Vine.

We live in a world of the unknown and that fear can consume us if we allow it to. I know it well as a mother, now that my children are grown and are out driving. When you expect them to be home at a certain time and they are not there, panic can easily take over and fear of what could have happened. My husband asked me one time if I worry about him driving home from work at night and I told him no because I have to trust God is in control of each of my family members lives. I pray for his safety and go to sleep. If he’s not home by the time he should be home, I call to make sure he’s ok at that point. I cannot let the fear overtake me because then I am not trusting Jesus and His promises aren’t enough anymore, which is not okay with me.

No matter how you plan your path or your days, life will be full of twists and turns, unknowns, and the unexpected. We do know that nothing will happen to us that does not first pass through God’s hands, and all is in our best interest for each of us (Lamentations 3:37). We must believe and trust that truth no matter what.

Proverbs 31:25 speaks of a godly woman, but I think we can apply it to all of us. It says she can laugh at the days to come. I believe her joy was not because life was perfect but because she decided to make laughter, peace, and happiness her life. Reading on in 31:30 she should be praised because she respected God. Without a doubt she knew, Jesus was enough.

So, as I watch my family go their separate ways and as I step out of my home each day, I know the only way to travel is with a joyful peace, even though I don’t know what will happen. I have settled in my own heart that no matter what happens, Jesus is still in control and my Jesus is enough.

Whenever you do not understand what's happening in your life just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say, “God, I know it's your plan, just help me through it.” Today, is Jesus enough for you?

There are so many reasons we can come up with as to why we don't take the extra time to read just a little more of the Bible each day then a quick verse with a devotional or a quick verse here and there. One excuse used is Bible study doesn’t engage my emotions. Some of our most passionate expressions of emotion flow out from a strong clarity of his Word. Its interesting because we may appreciate a musical piece more deeply when we understand how the lyrics collide with the sweep of the notes. We like to watch our sports games once we understand all that goes into them. Rather than thinking of study as a chore with no meaningful endpoint, we can remind ourselves of this God-given thought–feeling connection. If you have the feeling of lack of emotions or interest as you once did, one thing to try is a new version. The internet is full of the different versions and give you many at once you can scroll through. Try them and see if you can find the love again like you do with music and sports. I myself like the New Century Version or the New Living Translation. Using them has brought the New Testament alive again for me and I have a better understanding through them.

Let's continue our study today in 1 Timothy and maybe for today try reading it with a different version and see how you feel. 1 Timothy 6:3-10, 17-19.

Study 7- 1 Timothy 6:3-10, 17-19-

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