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Seasons of Bible Intake

Psalm 119:93 “I will never forget your orders, because you have given me life by them.”

Have you ever noticed there are times you have had so much time to read the Bible and fill your heart with scripture? Your walk is strong and close with God. Then there are times you feel there is no time but a little reading here and there and a prayer to get you through the day. You may feel that something is wrong, where have you gone wrong, what are you doing wrong. Rest assured, you are still on track with God. It's just that our walk with God comes in seasons and so does our Bible intake.

Late teen, early 20’s season- Times throughout the day when you can spend hours of uninterrupted time reading scripture, hot drink in hand taking notes and soaking in all God is sharing.

Newlywed season- Sweet, shared time before work, before bed, during worship or meals when you open scripture and share Jesus together, growing together with Jesus and as a couple. Moments you still have quiet time together just the two of you and God when you can share what you're learning and get positive feedback.

Newborn season- These are the moments you find yourself reciting scripture from memory, talking with God, quietly listening to the voice of God during those late-night feedings or hours of rocking. Time you praise God for your bundle of joy and pray for their well-being and for your blessings. These are the times you find it harder to open scripture and read for hours on end, but you start reciting scripture you have learned, to your babies.

Toddler season- These moments may find you reading scripture, recalling well known stories as you teach your toddler about Jesus. Those moments when you were praising Jesus in song and helping your child learn to talk with Jesus in prayer.

Busy season- This is a time you may only be able to listen to scripture through audio as you drive to work, to soccer practice, two appointments. Your time with God is during worship with the family as you prepare breakfasts or get them ready for bed. Your quiet moments to communicate with God may come while folding laundry, preparing a meal, or once everyone is asleep.

The hard or emotional season- Time in God's Word may be while you can't sleep, while seeking help to get through the bad times, or on your knees in prayer through tears. You may find it harder to open the Bible as you may be seeking answers as to why your life is going through the hard times. You may find it harder to talk to God because you just don't know what to say, but that's okay God still hears you and is there to help you through.

No matter what stage in life you're in at this moment, it’s imperative that you continually feed on God's Word in any way you can. It's necessary to find those moments to talk with God and let him fill your needs for each day. Although there are times you feel more connected to God than others, simply making time for Him in each season will give you the nourishments to make it to the next season. There may be times it will only be listening to an app on your phone or catching a verse a day. There may be times you're so tired you fall asleep while listening or talking to God. In those moments just pray God will bring some knowledge to you through it.

Like each season in life, we have to make adjustments, we need to adjust our time in God's Word to keep feeding our hearts with God's truth. No matter the season scripture is here to bring healing, encouragement, instruction, and comfort. God's Word provides what we need to get through each day from the busyness of schedules, deadlines, and the heartbreak. God's Word will lead us on the path He has set for us like a lamp unto our feet. God's Word shows us how to live, how to have hope, faith and love and leads us to Salvation.

Take heart that there will be seasons of Bible intake where we are feasting and then there will be seasons of Bible snacking. There is always profit when we read God's Word so fight for those moments in each season to partake of the Bible and commune with God. Let scripture shape your heart and mind. All you need to do is read the Bible, listen to the Bible, study the Bible and be filled with God's goodness and promises.

For those who have been following our studies through 1 John I hope you have found some new blessings or even insight further into what John was writing about Jesus. Today if you are joining us we are continuing our study with lesson 7 reading 1 John 2:9-11, 16-18, and 4:7-21. The link is below with the lesson we are on and if you are just joining us I have left the links for the rest of the studies too.

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